Berlin Part I

We hope everyone had a happy Easter, we certainly did. We had a short trip to Berlin and that’s the reason we haven’t had time to post anything new, sorry. It was lots of fun looking all the attractions and historical sites. It was a bid cold but we didn’t let that bother us too much, we had pantyhose to warm us up yay!












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  1. Jeff | 7th Apr 13

    Wow!Again, absolutely amazing! Those black tights in particular are extraordinary on Masha's legs and feet! I love it!

  2. Anonymous | 9th Apr 13

    Stunning shine on those pantyhose! looking forward to seeing more from your trip! xx

  3. J | 16th Apr 13

    Amazing!!! love the pics!!!

  4. Nylonator | 12th May 13

    I would like to see the complete series with those black pantyhose.
    Kisses from Valencia.

  5. Thomas MagNylon | 12th May 13

    Hi guys, this is my first post here. A wonderful place you've set up, somehow inspires that I should try something similar with my girlfriend. I also have that black calzedonia pantyhose, a little bit different, but in a good way!
    I'm curious, by "we had pantyhose to warm us up yay", do you mean that it's not only her wearing?

    • | 12th May 13

      Hi Thomas. We have had a blast making the blog and if you ever create yours don't forget to share the link 🙂
      And for your question, yes we both wear. We both love the feeling and look of pantyhose on our skin.

  6. Thomas MagNylon | 12th May 13

    Aww that's great to hear that there are more couples around who know what a joy it is!
    It's really about time that I start something with the pantyhose girl of mine, though it might be really a challenge to keep up with the quality of your efforts, for I have little experience as photographer and she is a notorious pantyhose murderer 🙁
    Greetings from Vienna!

  7. Mark Hekkis | 9th Jul 13

    Is those black tights wolford? Red hosed legs looks good. Is she wearing double tights?

    • | 9th Jul 13

      She is wearing double. The black ones are from Calzedonia.

    • Fininier | 9th Mar 14

      Can you please give me some detailed info of these black hose? I'd like to order these too.

  8. rclosure | 26th Feb 15


  9. Alan Jones | 27th Nov 15

    I love her black and especially the red pantyhose feet! Her pantyhose feet turn me on a lot!

  10. Sexy Stephanie | 18th Dec 22

    Love your beautiful legs in the black tights and the red ones especially I love to wear bright coloured tights myself.

    • Maria | 11th Mar 23

      Thank you 🙂

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