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I am so excited to show you the final version of our black kitchen. I like every detail in this kitchen and how it is functioning. We have been living for half a year in our new house but black kitchen island’s seemed to be incomplete. I am so thrilled to share how it looks now with these wonderful Freja barstools from Swedish company by Freja. By Crea furniture is 100% made in Sweden and make beautiful pieces of minimalistic Scandinavian design. So, I think that these barstools complete our kitchen in its modern and minimalistic way.

Design your own chair

It is amazing that you can design your Freja barstools by Crea. You can choose the height, frame color, cushion material and color and you can choose any color of the backrest. Since our black kitchen is not completely black but it has some elements of wood I thought it would be great to have Freja barstools with the same color. Although, it was really hard to decide and now I can change the backrest for black or for latte color. The cushion is black vegan leather.

Which one?

Even it is hard to choose between two you can go with both. It is easy to change them. What do you think is it better in whole black or have some latte element?

Now there is giveaway going on by Crea web page till the end of summer – 31st of August. You have a chance to win a furniture for a value of 700 EUR by Crea, 100% handmade in Sweden!

To enter put your details and influencer’s name: mypantyhosegirl. Click HERE to participate in the giveaway.

Good luck!

Thank you for reading<3

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  1. Janine J | 19th Jul 22

    Hello Maria!
    Oh how fabulous your kitchen looks! I love every detail. It is so nice that it is Swedish made too – very important to support home-country industries, I think.
    Well, my choice would be to have the contrasting pale coloured backrests on the barstools – they provide a nice contrast to the rest of the stool, and are a similar colour to the top of the kitchen island. But of course, you must choose what YOU prefer, Maria! Really, I am totally awestruck by the un-cluttered, clean and simple design of your kitchen. It would inspire me to spend time there cooking wholesome, health-giving meals! I hope it gives you pleasure for many years to come!
    Now I must comment on your appearance, if I may do so, Maria! You look absolutely gorgeous! In fact – good enough to eat! Have you been doing lots of hard exercise? You have a very sleek and toned profile. And that simple but sensationally sexy black dress looks as though it was made especially for you! It fits so perfectly. Your shoes are attractive and sexy too, and I think you are wearing tights – are they Wolford Sheer 15, or perhaps Satin Touch 20? Your legs look great, whichever tights they are. And if you are NOT wearing tights, well then you must have PERFECT flawless legs!
    Hoping your family is healthy and happy .
    Janine xxx

    • Maria | 20th Jul 22

      Oh wow! Thank you for taking your time to write so many kind words. I am flattered<3

      The kitchen is really beautiful and it is surprising how I like it in black!
      The tights are from Cecilia de Rafael and dress is from Wolford. Thank you for comments on my shape. I really miss the gym but haven't worked out that much ad last year. I only go on weight sometimes not to go over my limit. Thank you so much for your comments ❤️

  2. Janine J | 19th Jul 22

    I forgot to say that your hair is such a delight too, Maria. Sleek and gorgeous, just like the rest of you!
    Jan xxx

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