Bolo de Chocolate e Morangos

Bolo de Chocolate e Morangos in Portugese means Chocolate Cake and Strawberries…. That is the name of our hotel room, in which we stayed during our summer holidays in Lisbon.  Chocolate and strawberry – what can be sweeter and it was so well reflected in our room: red beautiful bed cover with silky cushions on the king bed, the headboard of it is in sweet chocolate color. Two night tables and closet are in vintage style of mahogany fit the room perfectly. There is a spectacular view to the Tagus river from our room. In the morning sunshine is coming through the window if the the curtains are open and lights up the room with love.

One of our sets from Portugal trip we decided to make in this beautiful room and we hope you will like it as much as we enjoyed shooting it!

BODYSUIT: similar here and here

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  1. oascotty | 16th Mar 15

    I think this site has been forgotten about…hardly updated anymore.

    • | 17th Mar 15

      oascotty, we are sorry you feel that way. We have been busy recently with the videoblog in Yotube and our daily routine life. Mikko is graduating soon and I give him all the time he needs for his diploma.
      This spring we surprise you with more beautiful new-style sets! If you feel you miss the blog, you can always subscribe to our instagram account: mypantyhosegirl for daily updates!
      Maria x

  2. majka.takacova789 | 16th Mar 15

    very nice photos 🙂 Great set 🙂 Will you post also more pictures from Portugal? I liked the photos from downtown and especially from the beach 🙂

    best regards


    • | 17th Mar 15

      Majka, thank you so much! Nice to know you like it))
      Sure, we will post. Which would you like first: the beach or downtown?

      Maria x

  3. Ribbed Tights | 17th Mar 15

    Beautiful set pf pictures. I love the different lingerie (bodies) you are wearing … long sleeves and string straps (if that is what they are called??).

    Also, I like that your are wearing stokcings in some of the pictures. I know your site is called "myPANTYHOSEgirl", but you look amazing in stockings as well! Regarding these stocking pictures, can I ask a question? Are you only wearings stockings or are you wearing sheer tights underneath? I cannot tell from the pictures, but it look a little like you are layering stockings and tights (just my opinion).

    Great pictures and if you are going to post more pictures from your holiday in Portugal, can I vote for the beach pictures first?! … and then or course, the downtown pictures!

    Thank you as always, RT

    • | 18th Mar 15

      Hi Ribbed tights! Thank you so much for your comment here! Yes there are tights under stockings, so called double layering.
      As for straps, they are from garter belt and go together with it. Did you mean that?
      Your vote for beach is accepted. Thanx!

  4. rclosure | 17th Mar 15

    I think I seen this selection before. But as always, she looks great! 🙂

  5. Ribbed Tights | 18th Mar 15

    Hello again, regarding my last comment about "straps" … sorry for the confusion! I am not aware of all the names of ladies lingerie (it's all so complicated, but looks so nice). I was actually talking about your sleeve-less body (pictures 9-18 above) – what would you call that?

    And while I am commenting again, am I allowed to vote for the beach pictures again? or am I only allowed one vote!??

    • | 18th Mar 15

      Oh, I believe they are just straps.
      You vote for the beach is accepted) You will see this set next<3

  6. Stefan Lmn | 22nd Mar 15

    absolute amaziong session…the play of light…that iresistibel moire effect on layered legs..her hips…and the fact that she is wearing bodies…gosh many girls not even got close to one ever…
    you doing so well i nearly fainted…thank you

  7. Unknown | 22nd Apr 15

    This is one of your best photosets.

    Sexy, hot, beautiful & fantastic.

  8. FINE NYLON | 24th Jun 15

    stunning carnt wait to see more just became a hugh fan

  9. Unknown | 5th Nov 15

    woooow sexy pictures!!! id love to see, when you wear more of nylon stockigs…you have so sexy and long legs…very nice

  10. Charles | 27th Jun 21

    Hello, there is a chance to re create “Bolo de Chocolate” again in 2021? pleeeeeeeease???? pleeeeeaaaaseee???

    “insert sad eyes here”

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