Dreaming in Zante

After 6 days in Kefalonia we had a plan to go to next island which is south to Kefalonia – Zante or Zakynthos. This island is a bit more different than Kefalonia, it is also pretty big but with more tourists due to the famous Navagio beach with shipwreck. I was pretty surprised when read in TripAdvisor, that Navagio is the most photographed place in Greece, even more than Acropolis in Athens. After visiting it I believed- magical blue water, pebble stones and shipwreck. There is a version that in 1980 smuggler ship was delivering a contraband of cigarettes from Italy, it got in a stormy weather and next day was found on the Navagio beach. People who were living close has a scenery of thousands of cigarettes in the sea. There is another version that the ship was abandoned and now rests in Navagio. I don’t know which version you like but trust me, this place is worth a visit. Next to Navagio, 15 minutes drive you can find magically beautiful bays – Porto Liminionas and Porto Roxa. It is unbelievable how emerald water changes into blue, nature is absolutely magnificent there. If you are fond of snorkeling these  are the places!

After long day exploring Navagio and bays we had relaxing evening at the hotel with the best view you can ask in Zante. We stayed in Avalon hotel in Bohali and the view from the hotel and the pool is just to the capital of Zante town. Hotel had special rules for dress code, it was smart which means men are in trousers, no shorts and women in dresses or long trousers. I was happy to wear my Wolford dresses almost every evening.  So, number 1: Fatal dress in white. I absolutely love it for its versatility – you can wear it in so many ways!

We woke up like this, sun rises were breathtaking and we didn’t have to leave the room, we were observing it from the balcony.

Zakynthos is famous for Carretta-carretta turtles. These turtles are under protection of nature organization but you can spot turtles if you go by boat to certain places like Laganassi. I was so surprised when I saw this huge turtle, real dinosaur! Turtles can weigh up to 160 kg!

Another place that you must visit Askos stone park – place for animals who live in natural environment and are taken care of.

As you noticed we rented ATV which was fun to drive! Well, I was chilling in the back:)))

Another evening and another Wolford dress – Kim dress!

Our fifth day in Zante was pretty relaxing, we stayed in hotel because of heavy rain. That day sky in the evening was unbelievably blue. Can you still believe me? And Wolford fatal Darleene dress was chosen together with neon 40 wolford tights and Valentino rock stud shoes.


Wolford Fatal dress

Kim dress

Wolford neon 40 tightsP00182687Valentino rock stud


Wolford Darleene dress

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  1. Richard C. | 23rd Sep 16

    You look great as always. I couldn’t tell you were wearing Neon 40. The shine and glisten isn’t as pronounced as I’m used to seeing.

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 24th Sep 16

      Thank you! It all depends on light))

  2. Ribbedtights | 25th Sep 16

    More holiday pictures! Brilliant. Greece looks amazing!

    The Avalon hotel you stayed in looks pretty amazing … and they have a smart dress policy! Nice. You look amazing in your Wolford Fatal dresses – the white and the black (but I’ve said that before, so I hope you don’t mind me repeating it). Great pictures and thank you for sharing with us.

    But now, it must be getting a little cooler in Finland? Warm days and night becoming a distant memory? But for you (and us), more opaque tights? Can’t wait to see what you bring us this autumn.

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 2nd Oct 16

      Thank you!
      The autumn has become so yes the weather is cooling down. Mean exactly that we will be shooting more new sets with opaque tights 🙂 Any color wishes?

  3. Kessel Marc | 29th Sep 16

    Hi Maria,

    the fatal dress is my favourite dress from wolford ! It’s so sexy and elegant at the same time, and you can wear it, you have the perfect curves to wear it!
    And after that the neon… THE pantyhose, the best one :).
    You don’t wear a fatal pantyhose under your fatal dress? Imagine that it was too hot.

    I continue to follow you on instagram. Hope to see soon new pictures and new posts on your blog.
    Have a nice week end :).


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