On top of Athens

Hello guys! I won’t lie this is my favourite set from Athens and very memorable, maybe because it was our last evening in Greee and our holidays went to an end, though we didn’t want it. However, we were so happy how we spent our holidays in Greece!

From the roof top of our hotel there was a spectacular view to the Acropolis. The atmosphere was very romantic there and for this special evening I dressed up in my favourite wolford tights – satin de luxe. I love them so much – pure luxury, they give a brilliance when the light is coming on the legs. These tights look like they are made of velevt material, although they are not. Velvet is pretty hard material and it is hard to wear on legs. This is some kind of trick of these tights and I love it! The back seams make them very sexy and attractive. They are also amazing for another reason, I remember I was wearing them in cold and warm days and always felt comfortable, they have the same texture like silk – when you are cold, the warm you up and when you are warm they cool you down.
The dress is also from Wolford – Barcelona dress – timeless and versitile. I love to wear this dress in classic style with heels but you can even style it with trainers and it will look magnificent! To fresh up my summer evening style I went with Valentino rock studs.



TIGHTS: Satin de luxe by Wolford
DRESS: Barcelona Dress by Wolford
SHOES: Valentino rockstud shoes

Satin se luxe by Wolford


Barcelona Dress
Valentino Rockstud shoes

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  1. Richard C. | 4th Oct 16

    You look absolutely gorgeous! I love that scenery. You do total justice to Wolford Satin De Lux. Thank you for sharing!?

  2. Ribbedtights | 12th Oct 16

    Wow!! Stunning. What a beautiful outfit. The Barcelona dress clings beautifully to your figures and I do like how the Satin de Luxe shines in the night lighting. And the contrasting colour of the Valentino shoes is perfect – tan coloured shoes with a complete black outfit! For me, this is a prefect outfit! Thank you.

  3. Tasos | 13th Oct 16

    You both look so happy. That Wolford Satin De Luxe is definitely something that stands out from the rest of the other pairs of tights.

    But I also noticed your evolution over the years. The blog’s title and domain name may be a tiny bit misleading. I can easily say now that mypantyhosegirl has turned into mytravelgirl.

    While there is nothing wrong with being happy, having your holidays and sharing your experiences and photos, your direction has been altered greatly in the last couple of years. Maybe that’s why comments are fewer now.

    I happen to remember some more “daring” photos of yours from 2012 in a forum and to a lesser extent from 2013. No more layered tights, no more short skirts, experimentation or even innovation. I understand that… everyone have their enthusiasm in the beginning, their peak and then simply get tired or bored.

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