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After spending time on the islands we headed to the capital. Traditionally when we visit any new country we try to visit its heart – capital. Athens have been on my bucket list for a long time and finally we visited this city. I will be frank with you guys, and hopefully no one will be upset. I had mixed feelings about Athens. Atmosphere is nice, people are friendly but because of the crisis many buildings are in dangerous conditions and more over all city is all covered in graffiti. There are pros and cons and you have to be careful  especially in the evenings. Luckily, we didn’t have any dangerous adventurous but you have to be careful anywhere it doesn’t matter in what city of the planet you are. Hopefully I didn’t scare you and you will visit Athens if you have this dream. City is full of history and this is the main reason why many people are heading to Athens. The best of our visit was seeing changing of the guards on Syntagma square, Acropolis and Pireas town to the south of Athens.

We stayed in the hotel next to Thissio metro station not far from Monstiraki – market place. If I ever come to Athens again I would stay there – all you need is in walking distance. First day on our arrival we decided to walk in the city up to Syntagma, where is the Greek Parliment and you can watch changing of the Parliment guards every hour. We arrived just 5 minutes before the guards changing and it was very interesting to see their marching, very unusual in comparison to others in different countries. Well, I had an interest about their uniform and as they can’t talk to people and for sure you can’t touch them, there was a man in military uniform who was checking their clothes and announced when people are allowed to take pictures he also answered to any questions. My question was about their uniform and do they really wear tights. No, they have long white socks clipped to the shorts with the belts, fustanella skirt, kilt-like garment, red hat with long black ribbon which symbolizes sorrows of wars in Greek history. The minimum height for soldier is 187 cm. Ceremony is really worth seeing.

Acropolis is the most famous landmark and for sure it is worth visiting, though it is not cheap – 20 euros entrance. I checked in trip advisor that queues are long and can be up to 2 hours in the hot sun. We visited at 4 p.m. and had a queue of 10 people before us. It is not so crowded and no bus tourists in the evening. Acropolis is magnificent and it is unbelievable that we can see this ancient masterpiece nowadays. The view from the city is breathtaking. You should study about Acropolis beforehand to understand where you go or you can hire a guide from the ticket office.

If you travel by cruise to Athens you will arrive to Pireas – fashionable town in the outskirts, many movies were shot there and atmosphere is so romantic in this place. Pireas is how I imagined Athens, some kind of Greek Monaco. You will be astoinished by Pireas.

I can’t not mention the food in Greece. In the islands food is more expensive, in Athens cheaper and so good! One evening we randomly visited meat restaurant which was pretty foody place! Food in Athens is amazing! After evening we took some pictures in new Etermo 15 tights by Cecilia de Rafael. The sine is brilliant and some people were staring at me like crazy wearing tights in 25C. In evenings t is not hot and really comfortable. The pictures from our hotel on the rooftop with a view to Acropolis turned to be really beautiful. Hope you like them. Have a great Saturday!

xo Maria



TIGHTS: Eterno 15
SANDALS: Tamaris
SUNGLASSES: Dior Mahotani
sobre ETERNO

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  2. Ribbedtights | 2nd Oct 16

    Wow!! I can see why you enjoyed Greece so much! So much history and tradition. And thank you for answering the question ‘if the military guys are wearing tights?’ As soon as I saw your pictures, I had the same question.

    I really liked the pictures of you wearing black Eterno 15 tights and the grey (?) dress … the whole outfit looks amazing in the evening / night lighting (no doubt, with a flash or artificial lighting?). Really striking pictures. The sandals work really well with the dress and the tights!

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