Sochi: the Black sea, Formula 1 and mountains.

We returned from Sochi a week ago and it was amazing! We were planing to go there long time ago and the best time was chosen due to Formula 1. It has been 3 years for Formula in Sochi. It is hubby’s third Formula (before Singapore and Monza), mine -second and first for Max. We all loved it. Formulas are so different in all places and that’s why it is so exciting to watch it. We decided to take free zone admission with no seats as we had stroller and super energetic little boy. After all I can say it was great decision, you can see from so many spots, I believe it is even better that with seats. Although it depends what you are looking for.

Max has learned to point with his middle finger at everything, so we have no problems ))

My dress wasn’t so maternity and I couldn’t not to wear it so this breastfeeding cover from Piilo was perfect at Formula.

Although we have been to Sochi at the end of September – beginning October, we were lucky with the weather and went swimming several times. This absolutely gorgeous bikini is from my favorite place – UK Swimwear.  Frankly speaking this bikini gave me a huge motivation before our trip. I started gym again two times a week and TRY very much to eat cleaner. I have several bikinis from UK swimwear but this one is now my favorite. Check yours here.
The Black sea is very warm and beautiful, in the morning it so clean that you can see through very clearly. In the afternoon it is getting warmer and so many jellyfish are coming to the seaside though they are not dangerous.

One musts of out trip was to go to the mountains, to Rosa-Khutor resort. Somehow all out trip was planned at minimum because of our little guy, to make this trip easy and comfortable for him but  we made maximum just because it went easily anyway :))) We went up by gondola lift up to the highest point 2320 meters and were flabbergasted at the beauty around us. At the bottom was +24C and on the top +11C and autumn everywhere. The power of mountains and strong fresh air just make your overwhelmed. There is a cafe on top but we took our sandwiches with us and it was the picnic ever on the top of the world <3

If you are looking for some extreme you can walk on this trail and enjoy the views like the bird.

Rosa-Khutor, our accommodation for one night.

Max enjoyed looking at the walk of flags.

When we came back to our village Max fell asleep so sweetly<3 During our trip this baby carrier from Najell helped us a lot. Sometimes it is difficult to go with the stroller in Russia. We took a light one with us which can be closed up and put on your shoulder, though baby needs to go somewhere. Najell baby carrier was a real great helper at the moments like this one.

Next day we took bicycle and explored nearby villages…


Gazprom. Actually Gazprom has the longest gandola lift in the world as the they say)) We liked to walk around green masterpieces there and of course gorgeous background of the mountains.

Sochi is sometimes called ‘Russian Nice’. We have been to Nice and I can tell you it is even better. Food, people, views though not many speak English so be ready to learn some Russian or take Russian friend to the trip. Hopefully I inspired you to trip to Sochi. And prices are muchlower than in Europe :)) 


DRESS: Formula 1 shop
TIGHTS: CdR Superlucido 10
NECKLACE: Jewellery by Pinja


BIKINI: UK Swimwear
NECKLACE: Jewellery by Pinja


DRESS: Bikbok
TIGHTS: Wolford neon 40
NECKLACE: Jewellery by Pinja


SKIRT: Wolford
TIGHTS: Cdr Superlucido 20
NECKLACE: Jewellery by Pinja

PANTS: Breden Kids
TOP: Olympic games

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  1. Ribbedtights | 2nd Feb 19

    Catching up on your recent posts.

    Again, beautiful holiday pictures. Nice to see the red Ferrari dress again … but I cannot decide if the dress looks better wit opaque black tights or with the sheer shiny tights (as in these pictures). Which do you prefer?

    And then, you look sensational in your bikini … all those hours in the gym have certainly paid off!

    Moving on, the pictures at Rosa-Khutor resort are also very good. The pink dress is very pretty and match your sheer hose well.

    And finally the classic sheer black tights.

    These tights are all tights that your can wear every day … at home or to work or on an evening out … they are certainly not ordinary, but you wear them all so well. Beautiful.

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