Queen of the Adriatic.

Venice has been known as the “La Dominante”, “Serenissima”, “Queen of the Adriatic”, “City of Water”, “City of Masks”, “City of Bridges”, “The Floating City”, and “City of Canals”

This is what wikipedia says about names of Venice. I like ‘Queen of the Adriatic’ the most, as this city has the real power to be named so: long-time history, enormously beautiful architecture, small bridges and water.. If you follow my blog for a long time you might have noticed that I love water and it doesn’t matter weather it is ocean, sea, river or even a small lake. For me the city near the water makes significance, it gives me energy. The city on the water is something unbelievable but it exists and this is Venice that each should visit once.

I persuaded Mikko to go on a ride on gondola, although it is really expensive, it costed 80 euros for 30 minutes and there were two of us in the boat. You can go with other people for the same price and it will be much cheaper. Anyway, despite the price it is worth doing. We took gondola at Doge’s Palace and had an amazing gondolier who was telling us some interesting stories about the city. After the gondola trip we decided to take pizza and eat on the bridge, kind a romantic. We found a spot where were no so many people. It was funny when we left there was a sign: Don’t sit on the bridge! It was so small on the small gate inside, that we noticed it when we were leaving…

After a good Venetian pizza we were walking around the city and taking pictures. We were specially looking for places without crowds and that is the time when you can really see Venetian beauty. 

On out trip to Venice we stayed with our friends and they brought us to bacaris. Bacari is an old Venetian bar where you can try Venetian snacks and very good and cheap wine. Frankly speaking, very few of these bars are left and most of them are touristic with high prices. We had Venetian friend with us who was taking care of business (talking Ventian slang) so we didn’t pay that much… The food was really yummy!

When in bacari we met a young couple from Miami, they were making their travel around Europe. It was really crazy night. They had both birthdays the other day. Their friends and family were calling them in skype and our company of 6 people was really crazy shouting and laughing congratulating everyone from skype call. Venice was really beautiful but it was speacially beautiful in the evening when we were coming from bacari to another bacari… Venice was deserted…

TIGHTS: Wolford Stella tights
SANDALS: Les Tropeziennes

Stella tights by Wolford

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  1. rclosure | 21st Sep 15

    Look great!! Hope you all had a great time!!

  2. Ribbed Tights | 21st Sep 15

    What a beautiful and romantic looking city. Many people I know have said it's a magical place (if you can avoid the tourist filled areas). Your pictures are fantastic to look at and has renewed my desire to visit Venice!

    Also, your tights are quite amazing … very eye catching. I bet you got many admiring looking wearing such striking tights! (although, if Venice is like any other major city in Italy, a lot of women wear interesting hosiery??!!). I particularly like that your wore these pretty tights with open strappy sandals showing off your cute feet in tights. I really like the picture where you have taken your sandals off!!

    Great set of pictures as always … and looks like a great destination for a holiday!

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 21st Sep 15

      Thank you for another kind comment! I really love reading them all! Venice is really beautiful especially when it is deserted otherwise it is hard to enjoy the city as it is pretty small. You should really visit it and make a trip on gondola!) xo Maria

  3. Kessel Marc | 21st Sep 15

    Hi Maria !
    I was also in Venice but 9 years ago, and I can confirm: it's a beautiful city that you have to see once in your life :)!
    I wasn't on the gondola, but should make it the next time (if i return one day with my girlfriend).

    This pantyhose is amazing, as ribbed said, very eye catching! But when I was there, italian women don't wear a lot of tights unfortunately :/.
    The combination sandals-stella tights is also looking great, first time I see that 🙂 !
    I had also a funny situation with those tights: I've bought the stella tights for my girlfriend +- 6 months ago, and in the evening we went to the cinema (she was wearing those tights). At a moment a young guy saiad to my girlfriend: "oh my god, I have to say you that! You tights are amazing, looking really good and flashy !!"

    Greatings 😉

  4. Unknown | 27th Sep 15

    This is just awesome! keep going!

  5. La lechuza | 30th Sep 15

    Very sensual without shoes…. (I'm Fernando Luis Toncich, from Argentina, do you remember me?)

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