Lavender fields in Provence

With my boy in lavender fields
with my boy in lavender fields

In search of lavender

Lavender fields were not in our plans. It happened so, that we went to visit Formula 1 on the south of France just at the time when lavender is in blossom and I was so excited about the fact that we will see lavender too! You can spot this beautiful fields only 2 months a year and it will depend on weather. The best time is the end of June – July. I started to search about lavender fields through the internet. There are so many places where you can find lavender in Provence but you need to search for beautiful lavender fields beforehand. If you want really beautiful pictures of lavender, the best to have a huge field in them. Additionally it is the best to shoot on sunrise or sunset for really nice light. Unfortunately, we didn’t have this opportunity with our timing. Maybe next time.

Dad and Max in lavender fields
with Dad in lavender fields


Our choice came to plateau de Valensole (translated from French as field of Valensole) close to small village Valensole which is located on the southeastern France. The best is to rent a car and drive till you find the perfect spot. When you leave the car the scent is just incredible. Lavender smell so softly and charming. I picked one flower and put in my bag and I kept it for a week. I wish flower lasted forever but it fell apart though the scent of lavender stayed for a bit.

the scent of lavender
the cutest boy

Lavender or lavandin

When you visit lavender fields, you should know that sometimes you can mistake lavender for lavandin. Lavandin is hybrid of lavender and has stronger scent, quite often is used for oils and perfumes as well. Personally for me, lavandin was too strong and I liked lavender more. Lavender is sweet and floral and lavandin is strong and herbal.

Family pictures

I absolutely love these pictures of us on these fields. Max looks like a cute garcon in his outfit and cool cap from Breden and his summer sandals from Viking footwear.
So, for my look I chose Cecilia de Rafael tights Eterno Breeze 12. They promise to lessen the temperature of your legs up to minus 3 degrees. Well, I think it works, as it has breeze fiber and in this way reduces body temperature. I also chose light pink dress from Bikbok. When we were making pictures it was incredibly hot, something like +30C but Max was very strong. There were bees next to flowers but they are so busy with their job so they don’t touch you.

Family picture in lavender fields
family picture

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Max’s outfit:

Viking footwear
Kids Sandal
Thrill II

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