Skating on ice lake

So long time since last post! Mikko finally updated his camera. Previous camera got broken. Finally, we git a new one with different lenses. So, we decided to go skating on ice lake! Skating on the ice lake is really amazing if you acknowledge it. In summer were were going here by boat and now we are skating on it. It is really breathtaking.
Although, I am not a skater myself, kind of intermediate level, I love going in for sports outdoors especially with family. Max has been skating for 3 seasons and now he is trying to play hockey, it is more interesting than just skating. For Milla it is her first year and she likes to skate mostly keeping my hands.

These silver tights are Cecilia de Rafael Uppsala in silver color. Here are some other posts with Uppsala tights – silver and red. Thee are so many posts with these tights in different colors and you cn find them in search by word uppsala. The tights below are from Tokmanni.

Here are pictures from two different days when there is a sun and no sun. Same camera, same lese but different light on the pictures. Which one do you like more with sun or without?

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  1. Raggi | 11th Mar 23

    Are the tights below figure skating tights?

    • Maria | 11th Mar 23

      No, they are just normal)

  2. Trey Reyes | 11th Mar 23

    Beautiful blog & amazing family 👪 ❤ the pics are great! I miss your shiny pantyhose blogs! Hopefully you got more coming in the near future! ❤😘😍

    • Maria | 11th Mar 23

      Thank you so much for kind words!!! I will try to post more))))

  3. Raggi | 12th Mar 23

    Could you make a post about Finnish pantyhose?

  4. Janine | 12th Mar 23

    Lovely photos. Your children will be growing up quickly!

  5. Mario D. | 12th Mar 23

    Hello, I hope you are well, thanks for sharing photos in pantyhose, do you think you will have an account for onlyfans in the future?

  6. Marco | 13th Mar 23

    Hello, beautiful photos, you are the queen of pantyhose. I hope you continue to share more. When will we see them on a fan page?

  7. ribbedtights | 26th Mar 23

    It’s amazing how different light makes such a difference. Are you wearing the same tights in each picture? In some of the pictures, they almost look like opaque grey, and then in other pictures they look like an opaque tan??

    Lovely picture.

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