Pregnancy lookbook

Here is my pregnancy lookbook starting from 10th week up to the 38th – the last one<3 I am really excited to share with you this post as you can observe how my baby belly was growing<3
If you click in the picture you will see more of it from previous posts and more of my pregnancy looks. Although, not all pictures have been posted in the blog, for example our US trip. Let me know in the comments if you want me to make a post about our trip to West Coast.  Have a great weekend!

week 10 – Dubai

week 17 – Finland

week 18 – Finland

week 19 – Finland

week 21 – Finland

week 22 – Finland

week 23 – Finland

week 26 – Finland

week 27 – Finland

Gottex bikini from UK Swimwear

week 28 USA – San-Diego

week 28 USA – Grand Canyon

 week 28 USA – Arizona, Horseshoe bend

week 28 USA –  Death valley

week 29 USA – San-Francisco

Gottex bikini from UK Swimwear

week 30 USA – California, Venice beach

week 30 USA – California, Long beach

week 30  – Finland

week 31  – Finland

week 32  – Finland

week 33  – Finland

week 34  – Finland

week 35  – Finland

week 37 – Finland

week 38  – Finland

2 weeks old   – Finland

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  1. Fernando Luis Toncich | 20th Jan 18

    Thanks María!

  2. Ribbedtights | 11th Apr 18

    Utterly beautiful to see how your pregnancy progressed, how radiant you look and your fantastic choice of tights and maternity wear.

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