Flower dresses are PR-gift from Newbie Finland

I absolutely adore twinning with my mini-me. These most beautiful flower dresses we got from Newbie Finland as PR-gift. It is so amazing that Newbie by Kappahl makes the cutest clothing for kids. They also have some beautiful selection for women and fabrics twin with kids’ clothing. These dresses are are made of 100% certified cotton and so comfortable to wear. I am wearing S size and it is pretty wide dress so would also go well for Medium size. Milla is wearing 110 size dress. Couple years ago I had another collaboration with Newbie Finland and we were twinning with Milla in other flowers fabrics. Milla was so little and was wearing bodysuit then. The amazing thing that the twinning sets are not only for mom and daughter but can be found for mom and son. Hopefully, these spring flower pictures will inspire you!

Love and kisses,

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  1. Fernando Luis Toncich | 12th Apr 23

    Hello Maria. Great pics. Love

  2. Janine J | 21st Apr 23

    What charming pictures these are! Are you keeping a photo album? It will be so wonderful to look back on these precious moments in the years ahead. xx

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