Wolford boutique: the gem of Antwerp

Hello guys! I am so happy to share with you our experience of visiting Wolford boutique in Antwerp, Belgium. You know, that I personally love Wolford hosiery and clothing for their outstanding quality: once you try Wolford you can never refuse from its unforgettable touch. Wolford is pure, high-quality absolutely gorgeous by all means. You just not only wear Wolford garments – you embrace them. That is why it is so important for me to see, feel and touch the products which I am going to wear. This is so great that Wolford has so many boutiques all over the world. When we were going to our trip to Belgium, I checked in what city of Belgium we could pay a visit to Wolford boutique. We planned to see Antwerp, Gent, Bruges and Brussels. Guess what? You may find Wolford boutique in every of the named towns. I love how company cares about customers in this way of convenient distance, moreover when you travel you can also pop in the Wolford boutique in many of the airports.
I have got many of my Wolford items through Wolford online shop, which is so up-to-date and probably the easiest way of shopping. But, as I have already said I absolutely enjoy exploring new collection not only from the screen but from the windows, the shelves and in the fitting room. I know, girls would understand this way of shopping and this is my way of enjoying and embracing beautiful garments!
For many years I have been a fan of hosiery and not so long ago tried bodysuits by Wolford. Oh my, they are perfection – so light, figure-hugging and incredible. You can’t simply resist if you try them. So you may call me not only Pantyhose Girl but also Bodysuit Girl as I love this combination which makes me feel like one million dollars.
In Wolford boutique you can try the colors on your hand that is a great opportunity to see how the exact model goes with your skin. That’s why I love this type of shopping: you can see, touch, feel.

I hope you will share my passion for Wolford and will also visit their boutiques in your country. Happy shopping! Looking forward for your shopping shares and advice in the comments below<3

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  1. Ribbed Tights | 9th Apr 15

    Thank you for sharing your shopping experience with us … you are right, Wolford is magical and worth every penny you spend on them. If I had ever see you in the Wolford shop, I think I would buy anything (and everything) for you, after all, you really look amazing in Wolford … I just hope your husband does not mind other poeple buying you Wolford (I suppose he will get the experience first hand!!??).

    But, I notice in the last picture … you are not carrying a Wolford bag? Only window shopping today??

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 10th Apr 15

      Thank you, Ribbed tights! As I have written in the post I like to to explore shops and quiet often I get something straight away. That day we were checking for new models that seemed I already have got<3

  2. rclosure | 10th Apr 15


  3. Marta Skripnik | 11th Apr 15

    I love Wolford!! Great post and you look fab!


  4. Flavia Santos | 23rd Jun 15

    I'm from Brazil
    I would buy where I find ?

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