Infinity pool

After taking those photos in the room (showed in the last post) we went to up to skydeck. The whole skydeck area is superb and has a fantastic view over the city. From there you can go to the pool area where you find lots of sun bathing chairs, a bar and the infinity pool of course. The pool looks like that you are on the edge of the building and it is really something special. The view is stunning and we were lucky that the weather was on our side too. Masha was wearing her Wolford Satin Touch 20s all that time we were there and that was something speacial too! The pantyhose matched her skin so well that I think nobody even noticed she was wearing and boy did she look hot!
Btw don’t wonder what is that on her left foot as she had a run on probably from her sandals and we had to fix it with some nail polish so little red spot there 🙂




















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  1. Maximus | 17th Dec 13


  2. 15Denier | 17th Dec 13

    WOW!! Helluva view..and the skyscrapers are pretty cool too! I suffer from vertigo but that didnt stop me from relishing over the pool pics :p As i always're a really good-looking couple 🙂

    • | 18th Dec 13

      It was really a great view. I have a fear of heights so fotographing there wasn't the easiest task. Luckily going in to several high skyscrapers in the world has lessen my fear and she gives me all the support I need to make it easier. 🙂

  3. Anonymous | 19th Dec 13

    Lovely and set against wonderful background. Very nice.

  4. Strumpbyxverkstan | 19th Dec 13

    Great Pantyhose.

  5. Stefan Lmn | 19th Dec 13

    wonderfull again..i specialy love the fact that others might have noticed…oh shit i would have gone crazy if i would have been there…lol

  6. | 19th Dec 13

    Thank you so much for lovely comments! We really love and appreciate, that so many people write to us and send some lovely gifts! We hope, that this blog will bring you some pantyhosejoy!

  7. Anonymous | 26th Dec 13

    you are so pretty with great legs. such a lucky man to be with you

  8. Anonymous | 18th Jul 14

    Wow! What a view! And you two are amazing for wearing pantyhose like that! Respect. Keep up the !! great !! work 🙂

    Regards, Anyl

  9. Anonymous | 23rd Aug 14

    Wow! This is a dream of mine for my girlfriend when we go on a vacation!

  10. Berger, Christian | 9th Dec 14

    pretty cool

  11. SZYH | 2nd Jul 15

    She's simply AMAZING!!! Wearing pantyhose for a swim is simply unbelievable!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Pavel | 16th Jul 15

    Hello 🙂 I see properly under those tights chain? : D
    So now only the nylons in the pool are very sexy;)
    Nylons are super 🙂 Also, I wear nylons … and I'm a man: D
    Only for those properties is the dress and it's also quite exciting 🙂
    I'm even those nylons Sevilla from Cecilia de Rafael, are super, I know exactly what you write when you praise here on the blog;)

  13. 陳真 | 19th Oct 15

    I like this set of pictures….wet pantyhose is always sexy…

    hope you will travel to Hong Kong and do another nice set of photo in Asia


  14. hosice77 | 24th Oct 15

    I'm so happy to see you in wet pantyhose and swimsuit! You looks amazing in that pool! My hubby and me tried to swim once in Adriatic sea with pantyhose on, but it was just night bath. People in our surrounding aren't liberal at all. Sadly, even they seen you wearing pantyhose non-stop with your beautiful outfits, their commentary will be loud and almost negative.

  15. Kiker Nice | 8th Nov 15

    WOOOOW!!! your best post by far.

  16. Alan Jones | 27th Nov 15

    I love her pantyhose feet and legs.

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