The Atlantic Beauty

Hello, dear readers! Hope you are not bored with our sets from Portugal! We are holding some more and will present them in the nearest future. For now enjoy this set with the Atlantic ocean views. We made these photos when we started our trip from Lisboa, capital of Portugal to Algarve region, the south resorts which are famous for its white sandy beaches and gorgeous views of rocks.

It was hot August, clear sky, fresh ocean breeze and sun was reflecting in my pair of Platino Clean Cut 15 Den. These tights are ultra shiny and feel absolutely perfect on legs. You can see the white shining sparkle that is absolutely attracting to eye. It is difficult to break these tights and they don’t make runs however if you wear them for a long-long time, of course they become worn and collect pellets. Anyway, they are worth buying and wearing! In this set I am wearing Caresse color that goes perfect with natural sandy beaches. Don’t you think so?


TIGHTS: Platino Clean Cut 
SANDALS: Zalando

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  1. rclosure | 24th Mar 15

    Very nice. The shine is very sexy. And you're looking beautiful as always by the way.

  2. Ribbed Tights | 25th Mar 15

    Wow! I thought the beach set was the best … but this is just as good! The shine on these tights, in the sun … it's brilliant. The first few pictures (at the docks?), I'm surprised that boats weren't crashing into each other with such a beautiful sight on the land! Love the strappy sandals.

    I know this is cheeky, but any more different sets coming? More new locations? I certainly hope so!

    • | 26th Mar 15

      Ribbed Tights, ha-ha! Thank you! You have a great sense of humour!
      At least 2 more sets from Portugal are on the way<3<3<3

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