Easter in Dubai and Abu Dhabi or summer getaway

Dream come true

Hello guys! I have been missing sharing my posts with you and hopefully you missed me too here in the blog. I will try to correct my sometime away here by compensating sharing with you my travel story to Dubai.
Dubai is summer getaway but you will also find here me in styles with tights -:)

How to save on this trip

Many people say they want to visit to Dubai but it is too expensive because of long-distance flights and accommodation. I can verify you that you can go on such luxurious resort without wasting money and still be free to enjoy Dubai. If you book your flights at least half a year before the trip you could get pretty affordable price. In Dubai we stayed in Jumeira area which is close to most places of attraction and beach! We went with Jumeira Ibis hotel and it costed us 80 euros a night for two with our private room with bathroom and everyday buffet breakfast. Hotel was very clean and bed was super comfortable. So if you are looking for affordable but good hotel I recommend you ours.


In Dubai it is difficult to move without a car, so there are two options: rent a car or get a taxi. We rented a car and we never regretted it cause we it was easiest to go anywhere we wanted and calculating all the costs the cheapest option as we also wanted to go to Abu-Dhabi. Driving was easy and roads are in super condition.

DAY 1.

First things first! We started our morning with climbing up the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa which is 828 metres high. Frankly speaking it wasn’t as impressive up in the 450 m point as Petronas towers in Kuala-Lumpur or Ostankino Tv-tower in Moscow which are half the size. I think it´s because when you look down you see so many high buildings and it doesn’t seem to be so high up there. Although, it is worth visiting just to see the beauty of fast-building Dubai.





After Burg Khalifa we went to Aquarium which is in the shopping center, can you imagine?

We finished our day on the beach of Jumeirah, it was so peaceful and very few people were there. I was wearing bikini from UK swimwear I got couple years ago but still love it because of its versatility.

DAY 2.

I was looking for the most beautiful beaches in Dubai. What is beautiful beach for me: white sand, turquoise water, very few people and sun. Al Mamzar beach seemed to be very promising and it really did!

You need to pay some small fee to get to Al Mamzar park but when you get to the beach a bit further you will be rewarded)))) For sure what is special in Dubai beaches, they are surrounded by sky-scrapers which looks very picturesque and unusual at least for me. I was wearing mu swimsuit again from my loved UK swimwear and Phax brand.

In the evening we went on safari with dinner and it was so exciting! We had very great driver-guide who told us about Dubai, deserts and all the most interesting facts we wanted to know. There were over 30 off-road cars in our convoy and when we were driving in the dunes with half-flat tires it was much more exciting than any roller-coaster! Our drive we finished with delicious dinner and evening show in the desert.

DAY3. Abu Dhabi.

On our way to Abu Dhabi I took this picture of my yesterday-made fresh henna-painting. I really loved it but I can tell you if you go to a salon you can get even more exquisite and pure design. Many girls in Dubai do henna painting like we do nails in salon.  

The most famous attraction in Abu Dhabi is Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It is really impressive but so very hot in the day time. All women have to cover their heads and wear proper clothing unlike men who have to have only proper clothing. 

DAY 4.

In the morning we went to the beach close to Burj Al Arab hotel. I advice to omit this beach because of so many tourists coming from the buses.

Afternoon was full of long walking on the Palm island and photo shoot in front of Atlantis hotel. I was wearing super shiny Eterno 15 from Cecilia de Rafael, Valentino shoes and BikBok dress.

Then we moved to Marina Bay for dinner. I was wearing all Wolford: Barcelona dress and Satin de luxe tightsI love Wolford because I can’t make mistakes wearing it.

We finished our 4th day by taking a boat in Marina Bay and it was absolutely a fairy-tale time by enjoying the beauty of this mighty but still desert place.


UK Swimwear

UK Swimwear swimsuit from Phax

BIK BOK dress



Valentino Garavani Rockstud

Wolford Barcelona dress

Wolford Satin de luxe

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  1. Richard C. | 21st May 17

    Excellent as always

  2. Ribbedtights | 22nd May 17

    What an amazing adventure. I have often wondered if there is anything to do in Dubai (because it’s all so … man-made), but this shows me that there is something to do!

    Thank you for sharing this holiday with us and thank you for wearing tights for us … it must have been a little hot. My favourite is the Barcelona dress and Satin Deluxe tights … it’s an awesome combination and you look amazing wearing them! It looks particularly elegant in the evening lights.

    Thank you again, and yes I have missed you a lot … so it’s great to seeing you posting again.

  3. carl | 17th Jun 17

    Great pictures, i love that country.
    Not to hot in a wolford satin?
    pantyhose from Cecilia make your outfit top!
    I like your style 🙂

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