Greece: Kefalonia island

Hello guys! Yesterday we came back from our Greek vacation and  I can’t find enough words to tell you how great it was! All in all we spent time on two Ionian islands – Kefalonia,  Zakynthos and the capital of Greece – Athens.
In this post I will share with you our trip to Kefalonia.

We spent 6 days in Kefalonia and stayed in Karavados, south to the island. We were lucky that on the day of our arrival there was ‘Greek night’ which included Greek barbeque dinner and Greek dancing. In the evening we asked from the reception if we could get a scooter through them and hotel provided us a company which offered us scooter Kymco agility city 150 for 100 euros – 5 days! It was a super deal as we we checked beforehand – the price was 35 euros a day that made it more expensive. There is some kind of agreement between companies and hotels that can save your money!


Next day we decided to ride to explore the North of the island and for sure in our plans was the most beautifuk beach in Kefalonia island – Myrtos beach. This beach is really beautiful because of the bright blue water. All the the beaches in Kefalonia are municipal and you can swim anywear but if you want to take sunbeds it will cost from 4 to 7 euros fpr 2 with umbrella. Sometimes we got the sunbeds and sometimes we just enjoyed our tome on our blue  baloon which took little space.


After having some Vitamin D we continued up North to Asos town, which really remind us Italy and especially Portofino.Kefalonia was ruled by Venetians in the 16th century and Asos village was the capital of the North of Kefalonia.

Don’t you think it looks like Italy?

The evening was close and we hurried up more North to see Fiscardo – very popular destination in Kefalonia island. Fiskardo is a fising port, very beautiful village but seemed to us to pricey in comparison with other villages_ I guess because of so many tourists up there, we met as Russians as Finnish as Americans.
Although atmosphere in Fiskardo is really warm and welcome.

It was 7 p.m. and the sun was setting at 9 p.m. we had to hurry up to the south to catch up the sunset and drive while it’s light.
Our third day we spent for Melissani lake  and Drogarati cave. Melissani is considered to be geological phenomenon when water enters rocks, erodes them and created hollows. You can get to Melissani lake by paying 7 euros and get a ride by boat. I highly recommend it!


After being impressed by the beuaty of Melissani we drove to Sami village and found absolutely wonderful cafe for lunch.        

Drogarati cave is another beauty which gave me a bit scared. Drogarati is an impressive cave with remarkable formations of stalactites and stalagmites. It is promised that it is absolutely safe in the cave but you never know when anything can move up. Speleologists say that this cave is about 150 million years old and constitutes a rare geological phenomenon.


Next day we found paradise in Skala – we drove to the East from Skala and found the beach with no people and perfect sunbeds.Though in 5 minutes poped up girl who kindly asked us for 5 euros for the sunbeds… and the beach was our…
What I really liked in Greece beaches in Kefalonia is that shower and changing rooms are provided for all and it is free.

Xi beach was in our list for the next day. I read that you can get spa mask which cleans your skin and makes it like baby’s. I tried it and I loved it! All you have to do is to find green stones next to the beach in the rocks or ask for a brave guy to crack them for you and then put the stone in the water and then on your skin. 20160831-dsc01908

After my spa procedure I felt skin was really smooth and beautiful. On Xi beach I was wearing bikini from ukswimwear which you can find here.
On our way back to the hotel we decided to take a ferry which was 2,5 euros per person and 1,5 euros for scooter from West peninsula to Argostoli – Kefalonia’s capital.

Argostoli is really nice place to walk around and find a place for dinner. We passed all the places for tourists as we asked from locals reaturant Aristofanis. Food was too good and the view was so romantic and the prices were for locals. Restaurant is locted to old bridge abd the water is not so deep there. If you are luck you can see turtles there who get on the surface of the water to breath. It was amazing!

To the West of Argostoli there is a lighthouse with amazing views and strong winds. We took really beautiful pictures there <3

Next  day we decided to ride up the highest peek of the Mount Ainos which is 1600 metres high and has the most spectacular views of the island.

The evening was spent in chilling, snorkeling and enjoying sun. Zakynthos was waiting for us tomorrow.



Pink bikini: H&M

Purple/red bandeau bikini: ukswimwear

Blue long dress: H&M

White dress: Mango
Tights: Cecilia de rafael, Eterno 15

Blue short dress: Mango
Tights: Cecilia de Rafael, Malaga 5

Striped dress: Zara

Sandals: Tamaris

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  1. JJ106K | 12th Sep 16

    Great photos guys, looks like you had a great time. Maria stunning as always ?

    • | 12th Sep 16

      Thank you so much! The place is amazing!

  2. fernando luis toncich | 12th Sep 16

    Thank you for so many and so beautiful photos! I feel that travel with you, the follow day to day by Instagram…

    • | 14th Sep 16

      Thank you for a lovely comment! it is great to know you feel like that))))

  3. Ribbeditghts | 20th Sep 16

    What an amazing holiday! It looks like you both had a fantastic time. Great picture! It always so good that you share your holiday with us, sharing new experiences and showing an alternative view of life! Thank you.

    All these pictures are fantastic, but my favourite ones are (obviously) the ones of your wearing tights. I love the picture on the swing, your tights are so sheer – they are almost invisible. But, the shine of the tights give us a clue that your are indeed wearing sheer tights. Amazing pictures. I understand that it was probably hot in Greece, so wearing tights might not be so comfortable, so thank you for wearing them and taking pictures of your wearing them!

    One question – just for my benefit and interest – in which pictures are you wearing Eterno 15 and which picture the Malaga 5? I think the pictures on the swing must be Eterno 15, but the Malaga 5?? I’m not sure? Don’t worry if you cannot remember, it not important, just a question from me!

    • | 24th Sep 16

      Thank you so much for your comment! Always a pleasure to read from you! Eterno 15 – in white dress on the swing and Malaga 5 – in light blue dress.
      Actually it was not hot when we did shots in tights because of wind))

  4. Sana | 22nd Sep 16

    Beautiful photos, nice trip? What a great time you have enjoyed!

  5. Kessel Marc | 29th Sep 16

    Hi Maria ! 🙂

    Hope you are going good 🙂 !
    Those pictures transport us also on holiday. Not to difficult to start with the work? 😉
    I love the eterno 15, it’s as amazing pantyhose:o. But I can’t see the 5 denier tights :o. It’s so thin that I can’t see it :D.
    Always a pleasure to see your posts 😀 !

    Have a nice day 😉

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