Milano and a little of EXPO


This time I was in Milan with my love. We were driving from Cinque Terre to Milan to check city center, mainly Duomo and visit EXPO. EXPO is international fair organized once in 4 years. you can see quite a lot of countries there presenting their values, dignities and pecularities. Of course for us was a must to see Finland and Russia, as Mikko is Finnish and I am Russian. In the last picture you can see me pointing at the map of Russia and exactly at the place where I am from, peninsula Kamchatka, it is close to Alaska and some how not far from Japan. It is 12 hours to fly there from Finland. The map is made of grass and other natural flowers which grow inside the map. Frankly speaking there were so may things to see there. Unfortunately, there was no Finland or any other of Scandinavian countries. Most of all I liked the Netherlands because they had the most attracting stand with their local food, music and charming atmosphere.

DRESS: UK Swimwear

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  1. Ribbed Tights | 8th Oct 15

    I have not been to Milan in a VERY long time … but it still looks as beautiful as I remember. It's probably not the most touristic city, but I think that adds to charm of Milan. Thank you for sharing some of your picture with us.

    • | 9th Oct 15

      You are quite right, Milan is not touristic but it is very beautiful for its architecture and atmosphere.

  2. La lechuza | 8th Oct 15

    Hermosas fotos! sorprendentes los lugares en los que has estado. Y vos hermosa! FERNANDO TONCICH

  3. Twilight | 8th Oct 15

    Hi there. It looks like you had quite some fun down there in Italy and I am really happy for you! I am telling my friends here in Greece about you all the time. It doesn't matter, however, but I noticed a couple of your last posts with outfits that don't feature tights/pantyhose. Weather's quite hot so sometimes tights might feel redundant, I am just saying.

    P.S. Photos are brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

    • | 9th Oct 15

      Thank you, Twilight!
      Hopefully we reach Greece in the nearest future, we have not been there yet.

  4. rclosure | 9th Oct 15

    Dress is very beautiful. The view is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!?

  5. Si | 21st Dec 15

    Wow you have wonderful bare legs, a rare treat to see them out ! Milan looks a beautiful place to visit

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