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If you ever come to Lisboa, it is a ‘MUST’ to visit Cabo da Roca. It is located 40 km from the capital of Portugal. And it is the most western part of Europe and of course Eurasia. There is one ‘BUT’, I was reading reviews on several tourist sites and some people were excited and some were not about this place. As for me, I will definitely say ‘YES!!!’ to visit this place.

If you are fond of picturesque scenery,want to feel the freedom and be in the unity with natureĀ  – it is a place to go. The feeling of standing on these massive rocks and looking far in the Atlantic, thinking that far away over this enormous, powerful and amazingly beautiful the Atlantic ocean is New York City, just gives the incredible feeling of becoming an eagle and fly. This enormous power and incredible energy of the nature makes the heart beating stronger. Blood circulating in the veins faster. I can hardy describe this feeling in all my emotions but this is a place I want to come back…

We were so lucky with the weather, although, it is always windy there. We didn’t feel cold and felt pretty comfortable in our clothes. I was wearing German brand Falke 15 DEN Seidnglatt which are super shiny and comfortable, H&M top, Vagabond shoes and Lindex shorts.

Life is all about being happy! I love travelling with my love and going to such places like Cabo da Roca where you can be not just on the edge of the world but feel on the top of the world…


TIGHTS: Falke Seidenglatt in Platinum color
SHORTS: Lindex
SHOES: Vagabond

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  1. rclosure | 27th Mar 15

    You look great as always…

  2. Ribbed Tights | 27th Mar 15

    Another amazing set of photos. The sunlight shining on these tights makes it look like they have flecks of gold and silver. It's amazing what natural sunlight does to tights! Great pictures (as always).

    PS I have been to the Rabo da Roca and I agree with you … a magical place. You were lucky with the weather as it can be very misty (and cold), but then all you would need is higher denier tights!

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 27th Mar 15

      Ribbed tights, thank you for your nice review! You are right, the weather is not a problem for tights! Just choose the right Den!

  3. Vo y | 27th Mar 15

    please, more High Resolution pics for more enjoy !!

  4. Vo y | 3rd Apr 15

    thank you, I saw, but I was talking about higher resolution to see the grain of your gorgeous tights.
    as here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/juergen_berlin/16803349655/sizes/o/

    Or maybe zoom in on parts of your legs. Anyway what you do is superb. Keep Up !!

  5. gino l | 26th Oct 15

    Hi beautiful, i like very much this set, i lov jeans

  6. gerald springs | 10th Feb 16

    Are you american? I live in charlotte north carolina, you would love this state,lots of tree's

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