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Hello everybody, I have finally come back home from my exchange program. We are finally back together and can start doing some new sets, yay! It was a long six months but it was worth it. Learned so much and got to improve myself in every way.

This set was shot in one of the guest houses where we stayed in Malaysia. There were nobody else there so we used the opportunity. It was evening already, really dark everywhere and the lighting was bad so the keep that in mind when looking at the photos. I also took about half with and half without flash, just to show and study myself how it really affects the photos. No denying that the flash really makes those pantyhose shine.
Pantyhose she is wearing are Platino Cleancuts in millenium color. No shoes inside the house so all photos without heels or anything. Feet fans will like, haha.

While I’ve been away we have had several requests or ideas what to shoot
next and I’ll try to gather them up and see what can we do about them.






















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  1. Anonymous | 10th Feb 14

    Beautiful as always.

  2. Anonymous | 11th Feb 14

    love that colour and shine, delicious soles shots, cheers

  3. Anonymous | 11th Feb 14

    My favourite colour for Cleancut 15.
    Thank you for your pictures, they are wonderful !!!

  4. Ribbed Tights | 11th Feb 14

    What beautiful pictures! I love the shiny pantyhose and how the camera flash makes them shine even more. Also, it's nice to see Masha's feet in pantyhose (and not covered by shoes) … they look so pretty in pantyhose. More pictures of feet in pantyhose please.

    Love the outfit, love the setting and (it goes without saying), love the pantyhose!

  5. J | 14th Feb 14

    You look amazing!!

  6. Maximus Ridiculous | 14th Feb 14

    WOW!! Excellent, i can see how important lighting is to get the best from those Platinos.X

  7. Strumpbyxverkstan | 18th Feb 14

    Very good photo set. The pantyhose is amazing. Her outfit is a classic.
    Also nice to see Masha without heels, good to see the complete pantyhose.

  8. Dean LovesControlTopHose | 7th Oct 14

    You so sexy in sheer suntan pantyhose pantyhose girl ! I would to suck on your sheer pantyhose legs all night !!

  9. Unknown | 14th Dec 15

    Hi Maria,
    nice sheer pantyhose,
    I love your painted toenails. thank you for the pics.
    kind regards
    Manfred 🙂

  10. fernando luis toncich | 28th Mar 16


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