Tuscany is magical with its colorful landscapes covered with huge grape trees, small villages, delicious Florentian food. We traveled to San Gimignano, Siena and Capalbio. The centre of Tuscany is Firenze, in English – Florence where you can plunge into atmosphere of Renaissance.


San Gimignano



Florentian stake


It was unbearably hot in Florence when we were there in the beginning of September. When it gets dark, it gets cooler but not cold just enough to breath and admire city’s beauty. Our friends recommended us to try Florentian stake. Italian cuizine is famous for its pizza and pasta that is why Florentian stake is something special to try. You should also remember when you order this meal you get from 800 g  up to 1 kg of meat. It is the best to order one steak for 2-3 people. We ordered for 2 of us plus grilled vegetables and Florentian soup as a starter. The soup was delicious and unusual for us as it was kind of tomato porridge but Florentian steak didn’t surprise us. It was very delicious and cooked as we wanted (medium rare) but nothing special for us. We live in Finland and steak is a ordinary dish for us. We expected to be cooked it in some peculiar way but no. Anyway, once in a life it’s worth trying. By the way we couldn’t finish the steak although it was good we had some of it left. We were offered to take left overs away but we didn’t.
After dinner we were walking along the streets of Florence catching the lights from the corners for our shots. I was wearing  dress by Mango and Firenze tights by Cecilia de Rafael. I believe someone was inspired to by the beauty of Firenze and created these tights in the style of Renaissance wit beautiful heart.


Cecilia de Rafael Firenze


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  1. rclosure | 11th Oct 15

    Wow! I actually couldn't tell you were wearing tights. Stunning! And that scenery is so beautiful. Thank you! ?

  2. Pasc Mann | 11th Oct 15


  3. Pasc Mann | 11th Oct 15

    I'm always focused on nylon toes and I can tell you that this is awesome. Your husband is a very lucky guy! (Y)

  4. Andy 83 | 12th Oct 15

    No wonder that you are using pantyhose ?

  5. Ribbed Tights | 12th Oct 15

    I adore Firenze / Florence! Such a pretty city, but (for me) there are too many tourists! However, the Tuscany hill are beautiful!! I haven't been to Tuscany for a few years now, but if I had to choose a holiday destination today, it would be Tuscany!

    Thank you for wearing tights in your picture, even though you say it was too hot! These tights look so delicate and the ankle design is so pretty. I am not a fan of any tattoos (because they are so permanent and fashions change!!), but some tattoos can look very pretty. The ankle design of these tights looks just like that … a very pretty tattoo, but the advantage is that when you take your tights off, the tattoo come off as well … I'm sorry, but I'm not explain this very well!!?? I hope you get what I mean!?

    I also like your dress and sandals … they go so well with the tights, delicate and pretty!

    Great pictures as ever – makes me think about my trips to Florence – thank you.

    • | 15th Oct 15

      Firenze is beautiful! I wish we had more time to see more of it:)
      I understand you about the tattoo. I couldn't even imagine it would look like tattoo. Great job from CdR then!

      Thank you so much for reading!

      xo xo Maria

  6. Alan Jones | 27th Nov 15


  7. Robert | 5th Feb 19

    That picture with the tower building – isn’t that Siena?

    • | 20th Feb 19

      In the post there are many places of Tuscuny,and Siena as well. So many picture of tower buildings)))

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