Saint-Tropez in 3 years

Finally in Saint-Tropez

We had an amazing trip to French Riviera 3 years ago. Saint-Tropez was in our plans but we didn’t make it as we had a long drive from Cannes to Genoa. Practically, we had no time at all for Saint-Tropez and we decided to omit it and come back next time. Promise is kept here we are but there are three of us this time.

Why Saint-Tropez?

If you go to French Riviera you will definitely here about Saint-Tropez as it is listed in one of the most popular villages in the south of France. So, Why this small village is so popular?
Like many French villages it has been a fishermen village for many years. In 1956 Brigitte Bardot, famous French actress brought a huge popularity to Saint-Tropez starring in film “And God created woman” in 1956. Since then Saint-Tropez became very popular place to chill out.


Nowadays you can meet a lot of tourists there. Along the shore you will see luxurious yachts and fancy restaurants. Other than that nothing more. Frankly speaking, it was a bit of disappointment for us, since we have been to many other fishermen villages which have much more to offer and have more beautiful views. I guess, the history makes the place special and popular. Anyway, I am so grateful, we reached Saint-Tropez and had lovely afternoon there, walking along the seashore and wandering in the streets full of boutiques which give the atmosphere of posh.

3 years ago I took Cecilia de Rafael tights Saint-Tropez with me and package was left unopened. So I opened it during this trip and tested my tights here))) Saint-Tropez tights by CdR are very similar to Eterno 15 but not so shiny. Anyway, they give a beautiful make-up to the legs. You may purchase CdR tights from

Shop my look:


Max’s outfit:

Viking footwear
Kids Sandal
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  1. ribbedtights | 24th Jul 19

    It looks like you had a fantastic holiday to Saint-Tropez. The weather looks brilliant and the views (what we can see of them) are nice.

    And how fitting that you should show you the Saint-Tropez tights by CdR IN Saint-Tropez. They look amazing. In a lot of pictures I can barely tell hat you are even wearing tights … as you say, like “make-up” for our legs!

    Fantastic pictures and thank you for sharing.

    • Maria | 31st Jul 19

      Aww, thank you so much for your nice comment! It was really nice afternoon in Saint-Tropez. I also have some videos from there for vblog. Hopefully to make it up soon<3

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