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I am so happy to show your kids new room now. It took some time to think how it will look like and here is the result. Milla is 1,5 years old and it came time to change her baby crib to toddler’s bed. Instead of getting her a new bed we decided to give her Max’s bed which 140 cm long and get Max a new bigger one.

Two years ago Max got this bed, here is the post about it. JLY dream junior bed and JLY mattress from Jollyroom since then have been so good and still feel like new. I like that the bed is suitable as for boy as for girl.

Kids sleep in one room and I wanted to have bed for Max other color than white, so I found Minitude Nordic Noah bed* for Max 70 x 160 cm. I absolutely love this bed, kid can imagine he is sleeping in a small house and can decorate it in his own way. My 4 year old is a big fan of Halloween so he suggested himself to put pumpkin lights on the bed. Together with Minitude Nordic Noah bed* we got Hoppekids ECO dream mattress 70 x 160 cm*. Mattress feels so comfortable, besides, it is suitable for people with allergy.

Minitude Nordic Noah bed*
Hoppekids ECO dream mattress 70 x 160 cm*

Max’s new bed looks so perfect! The most important, he was so excited when we assembled it and it made me so happy!
You may find all the products in Jollyroom:

Minitude Nordic Noah 70 x 160 cm*
Hoppekids ECO dream mattress 70 x 160 cm*
Alice&Fox rabbit lamp*
JLY dream junior bed*
JLY mattress*
Alice and Fox house*

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  1. Janine | 8th Feb 22

    What a lovely cheerful bedroom, flooded with natural light. Such cute beds too. It makes me wish I was a child again!
    Janine xx

  2. Pete | 11th Feb 22

    The photo’s are nice, but how I miss your beauty and elegance in pantyhose Maria!

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