Monaco is absolutely breathtaking. When you arrive to Monaco you see gorgeous palaces, super cars, luxury yachts and of course sea. Monaco is a small independent country located on French Riviera. If you are like me fond of stunning views of the sea, films with Grace Kelly and Formula1 – Monaco is your place. Monaco is small country but so attractive to stay there and live. They even have Radio Monaco in Russian as some Russian settled down there. The most population is of Italians, then French and some others. Frankly speaking you can see Monaco very little on the background, though I hope you will enjoy this set when I was wearing this gorgeous dress from Zara with Sevilla tights by Cecilia de Rafael.It was very hot but the water is so close that you don’t feel exhausted. Views are amazing and I can definitely say, I would love to live there.  

TIGHTS: Sevilla by Cecilia de Rafael

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  1. Terry | 1st Oct 15

    Thanks for wearing shiny tights in a hot day. Maria

  2. Kessel Marc | 1st Oct 15

    Hi Maria,
    You are looking like a diva in this dress ! Amazing.
    I only know Monaco by watching the F1 on TV, but it looks beautiful. I don't know how are the prices outside the season, but during the F1 it's really expensive :(.
    Hope you had a lot of fun. Your shiny pantyhose is looking good with the dress, the combination is perfect :).
    Hope to see more soon 😀

    • | 2nd Oct 15

      Hi Marc! Thank you so much for your lovely comment ?
      We drove to Monaco from Nizza for a day. I can't say that much about prices as we were took only touristic train which was 8eur and visited Casino only to check-in ? We spent the whole day there and it was enough to fall in love <3

  3. rclosure | 2nd Oct 15

    Wonderful! Thanks!?

  4. Ribbed Tights | 2nd Oct 15

    Amazing … and so elegent!! I can that you would fit perfectly into luxurious Monaco!

    Beautiful pictures … at first, I was not sure if you were wearing tights … but then the gorgeous shine and shimmer shows through! How many people in Monaco stared at your legs to see if you were wearing tights. I wonder?? (lots I gusess!! … I know I would)

  5. Starman5065 | 3rd Oct 15

    I love you blog and pictures, you are so feminine and beautiful, a real hotwife!

  6. françois Hed | 8th Oct 15

    In this lovely dress and perfect transparent tights, you're a hymn to femininity, sensuality and charm
    Thank's a lot

  7. Pasc Mann | 11th Oct 15

    WoW! Your last foto is eye candy! Your arches are amazing.

  8. Unknown | 18th Oct 15

    Greetings Maria, I just wanted to say that you are a dream girl! Not only because you are gorgeous and have such a wonderful sexy features all over you but because you have the loveliest smile and deep sensual mysterious eyes. I LOVE all your pictures and only wish you the best in your relationship, career, love and life. 🙂

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