Berlin Part II

Here are some more photos from Berlin. Well you don’t see Berlin that much, only our place where we stayed, hope you don’t mind. She is wearing two pairs. Firstly black 40den pantyhose and on top 100den shiny wine red pantyhose. Looks so sweet, doesn’t it?









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  1. Jeff | 10th Apr 13

    The perfection of her curves never ceases to amaze me! I love her!

    • Anonymous | 22nd Jan 14

      Jolie cul a casser

  2. Anonymous | 10th Apr 13

    Hi there,
    Im really loving that dress…..Oh my god!!!
    This is just my opinion – A fabulous diva like yourself, with lovely brown hair, should wear a pair of "Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio 15" in Moreno or teak.
    Perfect choice for a sexy woman (-:

  3. Anonymous | 10th Apr 13

    stunning as ever! fantastic!

  4. CarlosMedia | 11th Apr 13

    She's so pretty! and sexy!!

  5. CTReferee | 13th Apr 13

    Absolute perfection! Thank you both!

  6. | 13th Apr 13

    Thank you all! We took some super sexy pics yesterday in leopard bodystockings, stay tuned!

  7. Anonymous | 15th Apr 13

    hmm jeff is right..her curves her curves…she┬┤s a goddesss..thank you both

  8. J | 16th Apr 13

    No, I would rather see you than berlin!

  9. Anonymous | 15th Jul 14

    i love the sweet smell of nylons
    oh yes…
    to breath those sweet feet of a lovely woman wearing pantyhose
    to live another ovely day watching lovley girls wearing nylons.

    i feel my body aching and trembling for woman to gently to undress and touch her nylon thighs




  10. rclosure | 16th Aug 14

    Still love this photo.

  11. rclosure | 12th Oct 14

    I had no idea she was layering. I thought that was just one pair of shiny red tights.

  12. | 2nd Dec 14

    Absolutely stunning.

  13. Qman91 | 26th Feb 15

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  14. rclosure | 26th Feb 15

    DEFINITELY one of my favs. This was the first group of photos I seen when I found this site 4 years ago. I just always hated that she layered them. Still breath-taking.

  15. Alan Jones | 27th Nov 15

    Gorgeous! Beautiful wine colored pantyhose feet and legs. Her sexy pantyhose feet really get me excited.

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