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Hello, everybody! I really love your comments and private messages. Thank you for following our blog! I have just returned from Milan with my girls. It was really hot there but for a day managed to walk in wolford. I was also surprised that ph  are much cheaper there. I got Wolford satin de luxe for 45€! Maybe you get them somewhere cheaper but in Finland they cost around 80€! As i have noticed in shops, department stores and small food markets Italian ph are pretty much the same as in Russia. I guess Italians are oriented on Russian market because of great demand. So I didn’t get any Italian ph because it is easy to get them from Russia such like Filodoro, Transparenze, Sisi, Calzedonia, Philippe Matignon, Omsa, Golden Lady, Levante. In 2 weeks we are in Moscow and I can find some good purchases there. Anyway can you recommend some other good Italian ph?
In the picture I am in wolford satin touch. I used art mode and the shine doesn’t seen well but ph make legs look great!

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  1. 15Denier | 3rd Jun 14

    Very gothic liking those pics! I can't think of any other italian makes, at the moment. You mentioned 3 of my faves thou..Fiore, Trasperenze and Levante. Hope you all had a good hosed-time there 🙂

  2. J | 4th Jun 14

    Love the pics!!! Pierre Mantoux, Silvia Grandi, Oroblu and Emilio Cavallini are nice as well!

    • | 4th Jun 14

      I love Oroblu! They r like Falke in a way. Have never heard about the rest. I have to check. Thank you!

  3. Stefan Lmn | 12th Aug 14

    well hot stuff…btw in austria you can get ´em for 45€ too…think about stopping

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