Sunny Hanko

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I have been dreaming to visit Hanko for so many years since we got married. I have hears that Hanko is very picturesque with its sea views located on the Baltic sea and surrounded by many archipelagos. It is 2 hours drive from Helsinki and this trip requires whole day to spend there. Since Max was born I have become super time-manger planner with his schedule. It requires some fitting with his day nap and food time and for sure play time. It all need to be well organized even when we are out of home.

Here comes the sun.

We were so lucky with the weather. It was sunny whole day and it felt like summer, though it must be so in August normally. But if you live in the North end of August is associated with cold and rains most of the days. So, we were lucky.

What to do in Hanko

If you go on a day trip, there are certain things you could do in Hanko. I will put them in list for you.

  1. Go to eastern Hanko port / Hangon it√§satama, walk along the seashore up to Hanko casion to the east. The green building in the picture below is Hanko Casino. Idon’t know why but it reminds me of Coronado hotel in San-Diego, where film ‘Some like it hot’ with Marilyn Monroe was shot.
  2. Go up the Water tower, it 2 eur per adult and 1 eur for kids, children under 5 go free. There is elevator which takes you up 65 metres long water tower and you have the most stunning view to the town.
  3. Enjoy lunch at local cafe. We visited Alan’s cafe as it had best ratings on Google. There was really great home-made pies and delicious deserts.
  4. Enjoy the sea views. The scenery is so picturesque from the seashore and the sea looks stunning, so if you don’t want to go to the cafe, take some blanket and foot with you and enjoy picnic on the seaside.
  5. Hanko has a lot villas from old times, most of them are wooden and look like in old times. I believe they were summer houses and now they have turned into hotels, b&b, restaurants and cafes. They look so different from outside and you can plunge into old times wondering among them.

My Look:

TIGHTS: Wolford, nature opaque tights*
DRESS: Super dry

Max’s look:

SHOES: Viking footwear, Alvdal model

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  1. ribbedtights | 26th Aug 19

    Hanko looks beautiful, thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.

    Also, do like your outfit … beautiful Wolford tights and super dress … your “mom uniform” … beautiful.

    • Maria | 26th Aug 19

      Thank you so much <3 Welcome to Hanko!

  2. Janine | 26th Aug 19

    Thank you for this interesting post, Maria. I had never heard of Hanko before.
    Lovely photos of you, Max, and the scenery.
    Janine xxx

    • Maria | 26th Aug 19

      Thank you for reading! So glad to see you here! Hanko is beautiful, you should visit if you like sea scenery!

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