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Thank you for keeping up with us and waiting! I am so happy to share with you a bunch of pictures from Easter trip to Prague, Czech! What a beautiful city!

So, before going somewhere I always dig up some info in the internet about the place we are going. Do you know that that Prague is one of the best touristic cities in Europe in 2015 by Trip Advisor. After the visit to Prague I understand why: beautiful architecture, impressive sightseeings, amazing atmosphere, great and affordable hotels and absolutely delicious food! Can you imagine 1 kg of different kinds of meat (pork, beef, poultry, chicken mix) is 12 EUR?! Although vegetables are not included it is still a really great deal! Of course, Czech is also popular of its beer but I am not fan of beer and was pleased with great Czech cocktails and for sure Trdelnik – Czech rolled sweat bread, it can be eaten with nutella or ice cream or without.

However, 3 days for Prague and it was fair enough, on the third day we went to the zoo, which was a great final of our trip. We were tired on the third day of long walking but so happy to take a zoo train inside and just enjoy the time.


DAY 1:

DRESS: ribbed blue-red dress Mango
TIGHTS: Support daily tights by Cecilia de Rafael
BOOTS: Nr Rapisardi

DAY 2:

TIGHTS: Ginkgo tights by Virivee 
BOOTS: Nr Rapisardi

DAY 3:

TIGHTS: Darleene overknee tights by Wolford
BOOTS: Nr Rapisardi

daily index

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  1. richard | 13th Apr 16


  2. fernando luis toncich | 15th Apr 16

    Hi Mary! I loved the pictures of your trip to Prague. I really expected to see you again. Also I really liked the clothes and of course stockings. I have always on my screen. I love you Maria!

  3. Marc | 15th Apr 16


  4. Ribbedtights | 17th Apr 16

    Prague looks like a beautiful city … and it looks like you had a great time.

    I think that the looks also enjoyed your visit … you wore some sensational outfits! All beautiful tights, all fantastic in their own way. And the clothes you wore with these tights just made them look even more special.

    Thank you for sharing these picture.

  5. JJ106K | 18th Apr 16

    Fantastic set Maria, you look fabulous in both outfits!

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