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Hi! We continue to share our photo sets we have made in Portugal during our summer holiday last year. It was hot sunny day, we left Tavira, where our hotel was located, jumped in our rented Fiat 500C and went towards Spain direction. When you live in Europe you cross it like states in the US: easily by car with no passport control. We didn’t plan to cross the border to go to Spain, just wanted to see the beautiful shore line and check stunning beaches in that direction. If you ever decide to go to Algavre, south region of Portugal – head more to the east: less people, more stunning beaches. With our Fiat we have traveled almost whole south of Portugal – to be exactly 550 km. Ant it was amazing!
So that day we found a white line of beautiful practically empty beach close to Vila de Santo António, Portugal and not far from Monte Gordo. It was really hot day! To be exactly – 35 °C. Air-conditioner in the car, cold water and our beach umbrella were our survivors but we spent around 2 hours in the beach enjoying our summer and each other. Mikko asked me, if I am ok to wear tights as it is hot even in 15 Den Falke and another reason – people might stare and think  something. You remember the famous saying by William W. Purke?

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”


This is my motto in life. If what you do, doesn’t hurt others and you really enjoy it – follow your heart. I really love modelling for him and he loves to shoot me. We share our passion with you and we hope you really love it!


TIGHTS: Falke Seidenglatt in platinum color
SANDALS: Zalando

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  1. majka.takacova789 | 19th Mar 15

    wow this is gorgeous 🙂 I really love your style 🙂 Can I ask? Did you wear the pantyhose whole day? Did you also swimm in the ocean in them? And last question what did people ask you when they saw you?

    Majka 🙂

    • | 20th Mar 15

      Thank you, Majka<3
      I was wearing pantyhose only for the shooting as it was really hot. I neither swim in them nor walked on the sand because salty water and sand destroy them (eat the material out). That was the new pair and I wanted to keep them.
      There was a party of young people in 10 metres from us, they were really staring for a long time. No one said anything just looking. Well, you have to be professional when you make photo shoots like that and not pay atention, focus on camera, photgapher and yourself and, of course, enjoy it!

  2. Ribbed Tights | 19th Mar 15

    Wow!! Thank you! Awesome pictures!

    I love that you are wearing black tights, meaning that it is completely obvious that you are wearing tights. It would have been 'easier' to wear nude tights if you wanted to be less conspicuous, but well done for wearing black tights! The red strappy sandle are very nice because they let us see your sexy toes throught the reinforced toe of the tights. The couple of picture of you not wearing sandles are the best (for me!!). Also, I love the H&M swimsuit. The silver details around the edges are very nice and look amazing against the black tights and your skin.

    Finally, I love your motto! I think more people should try to live by this motto! Live life to the full!! Thank you.

    • | 20th Mar 15

      Thank you Ribbed tights, it is always pleasant to read your comments) Yes, black tights were chosen on purpose!

  3. rclosure | 19th Mar 15


  4. Rex Rexton | 19th Mar 15

    Haluan teille kummalekkin sanoa että – kiitos rakkaat ! Amazing beauty

  5. Starman5065 | 25th Aug 15

    Hi, thank you for the fabulous pictures, I noticed that you only have you anklet chain when abroad, why is that? Is it a sign?

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