5 things to create Christmas feeling

One of the most magical times of the year is coming up. It is time to decorate house and make Christmas feeling, I like to say to create Christmas in the air. However, there are hundreds of ways to make Christmas feeling but I will list 5 for you here that will definitely work, at least they work for me.

My list.
  1. Bake gingerbread cookies.
    The smell of gingerbread cookies bring the feeling of Christmas straight away. The smell of coziness and home. We used to do them simple just buying the ready dough from the shop. Now it is a fun process with kids. This year Max is decorating cookies with so much fun. Last year it was only tasting))
  2. Lit up candles.
    Candles bring coziness to home. In Nordic countries to lit up candles in the evening is a must-do to create coziness.
  3. Decorate home.
    Choose artifiicial Christmas tree and we use always artificial every year. It is safer for the planet and you don’t need to give it up. there are so many of them to every taste.
  4. Prepare gifts beforehand.
    I don’t like to hurry up with gifts, so I start to buy them even in October. Max has birthday in October and I usually buy some more, so we decide to keep some for Christmas. I think it is good to shop beforehand to leave the time for other things.
  5. Christmas outfits.
    We received a beautiful gift from Newbie store – cutest Christmas clothing for kids and adults. I like the red, grey, beige, white colors in the collection, they create Christmas feeling. Newbie is one of our favorite brands for kids, they make adorable clothes from pajamas to outside clothing.

Hopefully, my list will give you inspiration and I would like to hear about your ideas to create Christmas feeling at home.

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  1. Janine | 17th Nov 20

    What a lovely family. Happy Christmas! xxxx

    • Maria | 25th Nov 20

      Thank you so much! You too)))

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