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It has been a litle over two months since we have done this photo set and it is easy to remember  this special day because the following day my water broke!!!
I was dreaming about this photo set with my baby bump in Wolford bodysuit and tights to show that pregnant woman can still be beautiful. Frankly speaking, I am missing my baby bump so much already. It was the most incredible time enjoying my body, though I gained 14 kilos! Some of my clothing didn’t fit not only in my waist area but also in the hips but it didn’t matter… the feeling that I was caring and growing my baby inside me gave me pure happiness.
I was 37 weeks+4 days, it was Sunday and I reminded my hubby that we had to do this photo set as we had around two weeks left till our baby’s coming. We were so lucky we did it, as at 4 a.m. on Monday my water broke… still it feels so crazy like I felt it somewhere in mind. I am so happy we did these photos on time as I can watch them and enjoy my baby bump at its most size <3
My pregnancy has been one of the best experience in my life and I deeply hope in my heart I can experience it some time later again<3


TIGHTS: Neon 40 by Wolford
SHOES: Bianca 120 by Louboutin


Neon 40 by Wolford


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  1. Fernando Luis Toncich | 6th Jan 18

    Beautiful pictures Maria! You’ve had a very good pregnancy. I hope to see you again this year or next…

  2. Dutcheyes | 7th Jan 18

    WoW you look So gorgeous and So proud and … sexy as ever! Enjoy life now the three of you! And keep on posting those Lovely pics! They enkighten my day! Love,

  3. Ribbedtights | 11th Apr 18

    Maria, I have not been to your site for some months now … I have been very busy with other things.

    Firstly, congratulation of the arrival of Max. He looks beautiful and you and Mikko look so happy and alive and proud. Congratulations!

    Now, to these picture just before Max arrived. Wow!! There is something warm and glowing about pregnant women, and you show this beautifully. And the Wolford tights and body look stunning. I notice that the tights and the body are not pregnancy wear. I hope doing these photos was not too uncomfortable for you, so thank you very much for sharing these pictures.

    Finally, I had to mention the Louboutin heels. They really add to the pictures, you look amazingly elegant, but I understand why you are not wearing them in all the picture (probably uncomfortable and slightly dangerous?)

    Thank you Maria, Mikko and Max.

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