Pink bump in the gardens

I am so excited to share with you these magical pictures. I am here on my 37th week of pregnancy with baby girl. These picture are by Spice and Ice Photography, talented Rufina. She offered me to make a shoot for her page and I gladly agreed. All in all, there are several looks in this post and my whole mood is in the pink. So, it is not about the color only. I guess you know why and why I decided to name this post pink bump.

I really like that that I look different here and that Rufina sees me in different ways in these pictures as I usually see me. This change can be also because of pregnancy. Although, I notice it is only in these pictures and somehow they look enchanting. I like the colors, shades, flowers, it all combines a lot of tenderness in these pictures. I made my make-up and hair-do myself.

These pictures below are next to beautiful magnolia, although you might hardly notice it behind. The light coming from the evening sun is just incredible.

The third set is in Tiffany Rose maternity and nursing dress. I have this dress in blue color and was wearing it during my pregnancy and nursing time with Max. My pregnancy lookbook with Max is in the post Pregnancy lookbook. So, it is all about blue bump traveling around the world. We visited several countries during my first pregnancy. I plan to make the post about my second Pregnancy lookbook and will definitely include these pictures in it. So it will be pink pregnancy lookbook bump.

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  1. Fernando | 27th May 20

    You are more beautiful than ever, how little is missing!

  2. ribbedtights | 30th May 20

    What beautiful pictures. I have said this before … pregnancy makes a woman glow and shine … and these pictures are proof of that. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing these pictures.

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