Family day

Family time

Today is international Family day, the 15th of May. It is a good reason again to celebrate it, although we celebrate it every day. We do it, when we have breakfasts on weekends and dinners in the evenings together. It is also time when we play all together in the room with Max’s toys or just chilling on the sofa and watch some TV. It is just good quality time together and walking outside. So, every day can be a family day. The best time is when we travel because we have new situations and new experience and it is great to explore it together.

Pink cherry trees

We like to go for a walk in the evenings and in one of the weekends I was searching for cherry trees. These cherry trees are located in Tikkurila behind Sokos hotel. I notice that they become more and more beautiful every year as the grow. We took some shots here several years ago when there were only two of us, and here is the post Degrade cherry.

It is really exciting that there will be four of us very soon. Very little time left till our baby girl arrives and I can’t wait to meet my mini me. On the other hand, I try to enjoy my pregnancy because I don’t know if I get pregnant again. Time will show!

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  1. Fernando | 15th May 20

    Congratulations Maria! I’m happy for you! You are beautiful!

    • Maria | 15th May 20

      Thank you for kind words!!!

  2. Janine | 16th May 20

    I love cherry blossom trees too, Maria. These are lovely ohotos.
    I wish you every happiness for the future.x

    • Maria | 20th May 20

      Aww, thank you<3

  3. Tarek | 16th May 20

    What kind of pantyhose are you wearing?

    • Maria | 16th May 20

      Maternity tights Item M6 💖

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