Ready for winter

In collaboration with Viking footwear.

How much I love October, the nature is so beautiful. The leaves are falling on the streets covering them like a carpet. It is still warm to enjoy cozy autumn days before winter. In November usually start snowing in Finland that is why it is good to be ready for winter.

In collaboration with Norwegian company Viking Footwear, we received these new winter boots for kids. Max and Milla are wearing the same model – PLAY II GTX REFLECTIVE WINTER BOOT. Max is turns 4 in October and he is wearing size 30 in black color. Milla is 1 year 4month old and wearing 23 size in dust color. As for winter boots it is good to have some space for little growing feet. As they may grow quite fast even in couple of months.

Viking footwear winter boots for kids are extra comfortable – they gave good stability and support, extra insulation in midsole. In addition they are easy to put on and fasten up. Moreover, they are machine washable at 30 C. Well, I can say, the kids are ready for winter. The boots are pretty warm now for warm October so they are perfect for winter when it is really cold. Anyway, they are tested and kids love them! Last winter Max was wearing Fun goretex and the post is here.

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  1. peter | 29th Nov 21

    Cuttiest !!!

    • Maria | 29th Dec 21

      thank you <3

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