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In collaboration with Viking footwear

Cold days have come and we put on winter boots. This year Max wears durable winter boots Fun goretex by Viking footwear. Max is very active and shoes must be super durable, so happy that my boy is happy. I really notice that Viking footwear are really best for activewear and long walking. Any boots are best in test, in other words you really se weather they are good or not. So, we went for a walking and Max got his new boots in the mud and even went in the ponds, climbed the rocks but Vikings still stay dry and comfortable. Best in test it is all about Viking boots. I just love them and hope they could make more different kind for adults too.

Little sister is very small and she can’t catch her big brother yet. Although, she is very fast at home and crawls on her knees very well, so I guess I will have to check my climbers and run after them, probably this coming spring. Here is a post from last spring when she was in the belly.

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  1. Yuliya | 12th Dec 20

    Lovely ! 🙂

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