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Hello guys! Here are some pictures when we reached milestone – 20 weeks! In this loose sweater from BikBok you can hardly say I am pregnant but this how it is. Two of my good friends were pregnant at the same time and one’s belly was really tiny till 8th month and another girl had a pretty big belly at her 5th month. We are all so different and have our own genetics and physical pecularities. Anyway, now boy inside there is growing really fast and reminds me with his kicking that I absolutely love<3 I feel so many changes with my body and for sure try to keep fit now as much as I can. In the evenings we go outside for a walk. Evening walks are so nice especially with the sun and these sunny days are happen so rarely here in Finland, even in summer. One of this evenings I has sporty funny look with my old Adidas sneakers and Calzedonia tights, which Mikko got for me in Spain on our honeymoon trip 5 years ago! These tights are not for sale anymore in Calzedonia but I can recommend similar Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael. The difference is that Upssala are much tighter and thicker and really good for cooler days. Both have great look and look like leggings, though they are tights! These tights are super comfortable that can replace normal sporty tights/leggings.

Enjoy this weekend <3

xo Maria


Bik Bok sweater
Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael

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  1. randy | 22nd Jul 17

    Nice look best of all to you with the little package coming bet your excited TC.

  2. ribbedtights | 22nd Jul 17

    Love these pictures. The shiny and very black opaque tights combined with the loose pink top is so cool and sexy, especially with just sneakers (tights and sneakers are a great look, especially when you wear them … although you look great in high heels and bare feet also!!!). I also like the black long sleeved top you re wearing underneath. It’s almost like you are wearing a black unitard!

    You are correct, with the loose top, it is difficult to say if you are pregnant or not, but in one or two pictures we can guess!

    The lighting is beautiful. It really makes the tights shine.

    As ever, thank you for these beautiful pictures!

  3. Hans | 30th Jul 17

    First of all, thumbs up that you’ll soon become the happy parents of a shining baby!
    Based on the pics you’d indeed think these are leggings although you see they continue “into the shoe”.
    Love the look, and nice is also that your guy bought this for you. Must make you feel even more proud to wear them 🙂

  4. randy | 28th Aug 17

    These footed tights from CDR are a dream plus comes in lot of colors to choose from. Myself have 7 different colors and plan to get more. Love your articles always coming back to read more.

  5. Ella | 14th Sep 17

    These tights, CDR, are just the best I ever purchased. I wear them all the time like pants with a cute ballet flat or booties and a tunic or long tee. Certainly gender neutral for me. Thanks for your help.

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