Pumpkin festival

Last Sunday we went to ‘Pumpkin festival’ for the first time. Now with Max we try to attend all interesting events for families with kids. Luckily¬† for us the weather was more of a Finnish summer with lots of sun.

There have been all kinds of fun for kids: carousel with horses, fortune wheel where one could win a wooden toy, alpacas farm, piggies and rabbits. The center of the festival was pumpkin or a lot of pumpkins of different sizes even super tiny, a small pumpkin costed 1,5 euros. There was also a guessing game where you had to guess the whole weight of the pumpkins on the bench, check the picture above. By guessing right you might win a basket with goodies with the value of 50 euros. I don’t know exactly the weight but I have put 15 kg and my hubby put 16 kg and something. No one informed us yet :)))

So these events are made to enjoy autumn/fall and buy different decorations for home interior and yard and of course pumpkins <3 I love pumpkin cream soup but I have never cooked anything from pumpkin yet. I should give it a try!

I love autumn. It is my favorite time of the year and I tell you about it every season. I love summer, spring and winter in my own way but autumn is my favorite. The most important event has happened in my life in autumn. Max was born at the end of October though my due date was in the beginning of November but Max decided to arrive 2 weeks earlier and mad me the best 30 year gift<3

Many parents make photo-session when baby turns ONE and I had it also in mind, it is only one month till his big party and I have not decided where to take ‘one year old’ pictures though I knew I wanted outside and in autumn mood :)) Luckily for us we found this amazing place at pumpkin festival and made lots of ONE year old pictures of Max. There are so many of them, so I post just a few here.
Hopefully, you noticed new color of Uppsala – silver! They are just perfect to wear especially in the sun though they look like leggings, in reality they are tights!
Wish you the coziest autumn!
xo Maria


TIGHTS: Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael
DRESS: Mamalicious
BOOTS: Vagabond
JACKET: custom-made

JACKET: Ticket to heaven
SWEATER: Carter’s

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  1. Ribbedtights | 2nd Feb 19

    As ever, beautiful picture.

    I’m glad to see you adding to your (probably almost complete) Uppsala collection. They do look amazing and no-one else seems to do anything like it! I love how the look outside in the sunshine, but then how they seem to change a little indoors.

    Great to be able to post comments again (thank you for sorting it out)

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