Sunny pinky mood

When the sun is coming out I just want to go out to catch its small amount of Vitamin D that we have here in the North. It is not so hot here in summers and I lack sunny days, though some people might start complaining that it is already hot when it is +28C outside. That’s why most people have white skin here but I want a lot of sun and be chocolate 🙂 We made this shot just after my trip with girls to Lithuania with girls. If you want to check more pictures from the trip check my instagram account. Very soon we are to our family summer vacation and I can’t wait. Do you want to guess the place? Small hint: it is not in Europe.

Have a great summer<3<3<3



BIKBOk dress
Sevilla by CdR

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  1. Hans | 15th Aug 17

    I love how you have a great feel for gorgeous looks! Another set of pics one can only enjoy, from the first to the last. Great job Maria 🙂

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