Going to the grocery store

Hi all. It has been a busy week and we haven’t had time to post new photos. Well now I did have time and here are the photos, yay!

Before hopping in to the car and going to the market we took a little walk as the weather was great. She was wearing 2 pairs. Under she has 60 den thick ribbed pattern pantyhose I think from Kunert and on top Platino CleanCut 15 in millenium. Looks awesome with the shorts I think!

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  1. Jeff | 23rd Mar 13

    Gorgeous as ever! How it must b enice to take her boots off!

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 24th Mar 13

      Thank you Jeff! It is nice to get comments like that! And yes it's so nice so take her boots off 🙂

  2. Jeff | 24th Mar 13

    My pleasure! Looks like I'm your number one fan!

  3. Anonymous | 15th Apr 13

    hm hot indeed…love how the thin 15 den one make it all sooo shiny…omg sexy


  4. J | 16th Apr 13

    So sexy!!!!

  5. Anonymous | 12th Aug 13

    Hi ! Basicaly i'm was looking for a review about the platino cleancut 15 pantyhose and found this post…
    What a surprise when i read and saw this entire post ! I can't imagine a girl could wear so deliberate this stunning combo : short + shiny pantyhose over black pantyhose… Really stunning !!
    Finally i got my answer with your other posts, platino cleancut seems to be a nice pantyhose.
    By the way your wife wear shiny pantyhose very well, particularly with this kind of combo.

  6. rclosure | 20th Aug 14


  7. Anonymous | 14th Sep 14

    Beautiful pantyhose, I wish I could make laove to you

  8. Anonymous | 14th Sep 14

    you make me squeeeeze, please more pantyhose

  9. Qman91 | 26th Feb 15

    Excellent combination of pantyhose along with the cuteness of your wife makes this one of my favorite posts!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  10. rclosure | 26th Feb 15

    One of my favorites. She looks great in those.

  11. Alan Jones | 27th Nov 15

    I only wish I could see her feet while she wears these pantyhose.

  12. randy | 3rd Sep 17

    Great look as always just adore those glossy hose.

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