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Before I met my husband I didn’t wear pantyhose
that much. I thought, that it’s not so convenient, because I need to check, weather
pantyhose are ok and not broken again. I also had to choose the right dresses and
skirts. Technically, I spent more time picking what to put on. That’s why when
I was studying at school I mostly wore jeans or trousers. I put on pantyhose
with skirts or dresses 4-5 times a month.

When I met my husband, he started to bring me
to many lingerie shops telling me, that he wants to buy me pantyhose. I didn’t
know yet that he had any kind of passion for them. I agreed, but then I started
to realize that it happens too often. He said that he likes pantyhose and how
they are with different looks. Technically, he was plunging me into his hobby.
My wardrobe started to grow enormously with pantyhose, and then I started to
have more skirts, dresses……and shorts. Well, shorts, right. I have always associated
shorts with summer, because, I have always lived in cold regions and shorts
were only summer clothes. But my husband let me make another style with shorts
and pantyhose.
My girl-friends sometimes notice, when I put on
jeans or pants. Because, they are used to  see me in pantyhose. When one of my friends
saw me in jeans (I know her for 2 years already), she said that it was the
first time she saw me in jeans! I was surprised! I started to wear pantyhose so
often, that I didn’t really remember when I have not worn jeans or pants! It’s just so comfortable to wear pantyhose! You should just choose the right pantyhose for you (not the cheapest, but they don’t have to be super expensive either, like Wolford).
About different kinds of pantyhose, brands and
their categories I will write later. Now I want to tell you how and when I do
wear pantyhose.
I like short skirts, over the knees, yes, very
shorts skirts. It’s ok to put them on, when you go out. But they are not good
at office work. Skirts up to knees and lower are good for office work. When you
go to work, I recommend pencil skirt.
It’s sexy and appropriate. It can hide disadvantages of the body and show
advantages. Perfect for girls with wide hips.
Pleated skirt is also good for work,
but notice the length.
One of my favorites is hobble skirt; it’s also good for work with right length. It’s not
good when there are a lot of tucks in the hobble skirt. So, choose the right
size. I can say straight away, that skirt is much better than trousers. Check stewardesses!
They are much sexier in the skirts! Am I right?
I love dresses! You know Coco Chanel’s famous saying
that every girl has to have a small
black dress
… I will add: and nice control-top
to it. Even slim girls should wear control top underneath tight
dresses. It makes your curves look sexier, even if you are already perfection! Control-top
pantyhose make you back point look sporty and attractive. Ladies want to be
sexy, so wear them! This variant is suitable for evenings.
If you also travel a lot, I refer to men also,
put on support pantyhose. In long
distance trips your legs won’t be tired, ph will make blood circulation flowing
due to support effect and after the trip you will feel some massage effect. It’s
also good to put them on for people, who have standing job, for example,
receptionists, fly-attendants and etc.
Dresses can be different: evening or casual, home dress or night gown. Well, In all these cases you put on pantyhose with them.
If you are tired of black and suntan, put on colorful pantyhose. I love
pantyhose with patterns. In winter I put on double pantyhose. It really looks attractive, when you put some
pink 60DEN matt ph and black 40 on top. In winter we have up to -30 degrees celcius
and these is what I need! From my experience I noticed, that it’s better to put
on 2 pairs of pantyhose in winter of lower DEN, than one pair of 100 DEN or
more. Double pantyhose won’t let the cold air freeze you.
Finally, I would like to tell you about shorts.
They are short, that’s why they are called shorts! And I like them!
Some girls say
that they can’t afford themselves to wear shorts, because they are too fat and
it doesn’t look nice. NO! They can wear the right shorts with the right ph. It
only takes time to choose. If a girl wants to look slimmer, the best to put
super-tight ph or top control ph. It even looks sexier when the shorts from ph
are seen, because shorts are shorter than the shorts of ph. Matt ph will also
make the body look more perfect with shorts. You can also pick breeches –
longer than shorts, can be up to knees or longer and then wear them with your favorite
ph. When I ride a bike, I prefer shorts or long pants with ph. Ph are little
seen and make my ankles look attractive with shine.
As you can see, you can put on ph every day. I
do it every day and every evening. I do it, because they are comfortable and
they make me feel sexy! My style has changed greatly since I met my husband,
but I like it! I can always improvise! There is a lot to wear with ph! And it
can be comfortable as if you are in jeans! But jeans won’t give you such a
feeling as PH!Later on you will see me wearing many of these styles!

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  2. anyl | 13th Aug 14

    This is one of the best post I've ever read. I'll show it to my wife and I'll write you an e-mail, just sharing some of my pantyhose experiences.

    You are doing Great work! 🙂

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