Going to a restaurant

Little over month ago we went to Helsinki to spend some time together and to have dinner in a restaurant. Like always we had a camera with us. We had fun walking around and enjoyed each other’s company. The pantyhose are one of our favorite, Platino Pleacut 15s.

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  1. phphotoau | 31st May 13

    thank you for your update! Was checking your site every few hours each day to see!

    I like her smile a lot on the picture that have both of you!

  2. Anonymous | 2nd Jun 13

    Good. Wow u have a animated gif too.
    Next time shoot a video with her beautiful voice introducting the different type of ph u guys have?

  3. Anonymous | 2nd Jun 13

    Best blog ever, thanks 🙂

  4. Janet Smith | 3rd Jun 13

    Truely wonderful as ever! and also think a video would be a fantastic idea?

  5. mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 4th Jun 13

    Have to think about the video. Not so familiar with the whole process of shooting and editing. Maybe in the future.

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