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I noticed on my way to work that in a near by field some sheeps were eating grass. Later that week we went to check it out and found out that our city has brought a bunch sheeps to this field to keep it in better condition. Sheeps looked happy and city saves on labor expenses. Well anyways we used this time also to take some photos. She was wearing Platino Cleancut 15s and as it was close to 30°C outside even the 15den platinos were too hot. Anyone have any experience on the 9den cleancuts?

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  1. Anonymous | 6th Jul 13


    Love how the pantyhose wrinkles around your ankles!

    I wish we could have a closer look at that…

  2. 15Denier | 6th Jul 13

    WOW!! Epic set! Thanks. I have 15 denier but in black thou. I also have the 9 denier kind, in the same shade as those. They're VERY sheer and fragile so i dont wear them very often. If they didn't have the sheen on them, one couldn't tell i was wearing them! Id recommend them thou.

  3. Mark Hekkis | 7th Jul 13

    I love to see legs in hose on summer. Those shiny Platinos are so nice. What she like, is it an any unpleasant feelings to wear hose in 30c?

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 8th Jul 13

      When it gets super hot, she doesn't wear as often as usually. It has so much to do what pantyhose she is wearing. Some feel much warmer than others even if the thickness is the same.

  4. platino | 8th Jul 13

    good it looks. add the platino cleancut 15!?

  5. Anonymous | 10th Jul 13

    thank you for your updates!
    she is super hot!

  6. phphotoau | 10th Jul 13

    her smile is the greatest!
    thank you!

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