Love for patterns 2

Second part of our love for patterns -serie. Thank you for all the nice comments and emails, we really appreciate that you spend a little time to write what you think. 🙂










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  1. phphotaou | 23rd Sep 13

    amazing update! thanks!

  2. Anonymous | 23rd Sep 13

    Incredibly lovely!

  3. Anonymous | 24th Sep 13

    Brilliant!! Love these pictures … and all your pictures. I've been following you since someone on Pantyhose Share Club mentioned you. I'm so glad that I found your website!

  4. 15Denier | 25th Sep 13

    MMMM, sooo sexy…cant wait for the updates! 🙂 Love that pair :))

  5. Anonymous | 13th Aug 14

    The pics are amazing and the model also of course. Interesting pantyhose, one of my fav. in the "patterns" area.

    Regards, Anyl

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