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It has been hard in Malaysia with posting to the blog. The wifi in our campus has way too many users for the capacity they have… It makes it almost impossible to even open normal websites in the evening and so you can image uploading photos is a nightmare. Well good thing is that I can make everything ready and when visiting my friend in Singapore I can upload new photos for you guys to see.
This time you will be seeing 2 sets of different patterned pantyhose. Will be posting them in 10 photo sets as there are quite a few of them 🙂 Both of these fantastic pantyhose have been sent by our friends from UK, thank you again! I know some prefer plain normal pantyhose but at least I’m a big fan of patterns and find them being really sexy. What do you think?











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  1. Anonymous | 20th Sep 13

    Kuviosukkikset on seksikkäät ja Maria näyttää niin hyvältä noissa.

  2. Anonymous | 20th Sep 13

    noting like a hard days work and then seeing a babe wearing silky fresh pantyhose

  3. 15Denier | 20th Sep 13

    MMMM…Lovely pics:) Im a BIG fan of patterns as well! Hosed legs look good on legs, but patterned kinds look ALOT better..i think 🙂

  4. phphotoau | 20th Sep 13

    she looks perfect no matter what she wear!

  5. CarlosMedia | 25th Sep 13

    Incredible!!! Love all kind of pantyhose and you sre make them look all very sexy!!

  6. rclosure | 12th Nov 15


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