Scooter girl final (3)

Hello all. Past week was crazy busy as I had a lot of assignments to submit and the week before that was a wonderful holiday in which I refused to use any time on the assignments and spend that time with Masha. We had such a nice time together and we did some great photos as well. She left last week on Sunday back to Finland which also means that I’m over half point of my student exchange program. So not long to go and we are able to do more lovely pantyhose photography, yey!
Anyways here is the last part of our Scooter girl saga. Hope you have liked it and thank you for the comments!










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  1. 15Denier | 16th Nov 13

    WOW..are those RHT's?! 0_0 Control tops AND RHT…perfect combo! Loving the cute jumps. Thanks for this great trilogy/set 🙂

  2. Thomas MagNylon | 17th Nov 13

    gorgeous, wonderful scenery and those brilliant colors!

  3. Anonymous | 22nd Jul 14

    Just beautiful! Short-shorts and reinforced top peeking out….can't get better than that.

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