Can I loan Your Shirt 2

Hello and happy new year! As promised the second and final part of our dress shirt photos.














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  1. Anonymous | 3rd Jan 14

    A beautiful subject, nicely lit.

  2. 15Denier | 3rd Jan 14

    WOW (times 1000!) Risque to say the least..and i LIKE it! Id so want to be reincarnated as that hat! :p Byt the way…Happy New Year to you both 🙂

  3. Kuno Tore | 4th Jan 14

    Is there also a "part 3" coming? I hope so.
    Maybe you could show your feet without shoes, that would be great.
    Keep on going like this, I love it. You are the best pantyhosemodel i've ever seen on the web.

  4. Anonymous | 5th Jan 14

    gorgeous! happy new year

  5. Strumpbyxverkstan | 7th Jan 14

    Hello !
    This is a very nice set of pictures.
    First, a very beautiful young lady who obviously enjoy her pantyhose.
    Then, good posing with some nice smile too.
    Good coloring, a bit pale top color and more bright down to the shiny heels.
    I like the pantyhose, looking soft and comfortable. Great pantyhose color.
    Some heel off picture is always interesting.
    Pantyhose people love seeing the reinforcement design on the toe,sole and heel.
    brgds, and happy new pantyhose year.
    / jan

  6. Anonymous | 7th Jan 14

    Wow!! I liked part 1 very much … but I think I like part 2 even more! Masha is definitely showing her cheeky side … will we see Masha being naughty like this in the future?? I hope so!!

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