Shining in the forest

Hey all. This time we are posting a set which we made last July. Nice quiet path in the forest provided us a peaceful place to take photos. We were playing around with a external flash and I think the end result was really pleasant and the photos came out really really beautiful. The pantyhose she is wearing are Wolford Neon 40den in gobi color. Stunning shine on those and in every way the best there is, only if they weren’t so expensive.
What do you think, are these any good?












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  1. Thomas MagNylon | 23rd Feb 14

    Love the lighting effect, as if she's in the spotlight on the center stage! The neon40 rocks! You may want to register in wolford's online shop, there are often discounts on their products. Don't know about the shipping costs to Finland though.

  2. 15Denier | 23rd Feb 14! Loving the contrast of yellow and green. The waistband seam outline peek is a GREAT addition 🙂

  3. Ribbed Tights | 24th Feb 14

    Greta picture (as ever). Love how your photography and lighting show off the Wolford pantyhose … of course, Masha has something to do with that as well!! Lovely outfit and great setting!

  4. Anonymous | 25th Feb 14

    Wonderful. Love the dress and the colors.

  5. Anonymous | 25th Feb 14

    This girl has awesome legs!

  6. Anonymous | 25th Feb 14

    wonderful… shiny hoses and sexiest girl i have ever seen

  7. Strumpbyxverkstan | 26th Feb 14

    Looking good as ever. Perfect color on the pantyhose.

  8. Anonymous | 28th Feb 14

    Are you sure it's "gobi" color? Looks like "cosmetic" to me.

  9. Anonymous | 1st Mar 14

    When new photos :)?

  10. | 2nd Mar 14

    Today! Please, be patient! Today our blog is one year old! Our anniversary! I am so excited! We have made very beautiful pictures with Mikko on Friday. You gonna see them very soon!

  11. Kiker Nice | 8th Nov 15

    You have beautiful feet and I love when you show them with out shoes.

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