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Hello. Before posting the rest of the set with the Calzedonia pantyhose, we want to post a set which we made one week earlier. These pantyhose were sent to us by one of our lovely fan from Austria. They are made by Fiore and they make really nice different kind of patterned and normal pantyhose.














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  1. Maximus Ridiculous | 11th Mar 14

    Every playground should have a Maria in it.x

  2. Ribbed Tights | 11th Mar 14

    Wow!! Really interesting pantyhose! I love pantyhose, but when I see a beautiful woman wearing interesting and different pantyhose, I REALLY love it!! Thank you!

    What other interesting pantyhose do you wear? Are there any other interesting pantyhose that you want that I could buy for you?

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 13th Mar 14

      Thank you) Personally I love simple and comfortable ph but Mikko goes crazy when I have Ph with patterns or put double layers.
      We think to post some packages'covers of those we have and tell about them, kind a marketing research ))
      We always appreciate ph gifts. Thank you for an offer! I would really love some from Pretty Polly or Falke. Their touch is amaizing ))

  3. 15Denier | 12th Mar 14

    I have some Fiore tights but none like those…LOVE THEM! The RnB world has Beyonce and Jay Z, and the pantyhose world has Misha and Masha! 🙂 By the way, were you wearing anything else under your coat..or will those be shown on a continuing set? :p

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 13th Mar 14

      Thank you so much, 15Denier, for a pleasant compliment!))
      Under I had warm shorts. I think that is the only part of this set ))
      but there will be more to come of such kind of Ph)))

  4. 15Denier | 14th Mar 14

    More from this kind..YESSS! :))

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