Deadly duo

Something little from last summer before we headed out to somewhere, most probably just out to buy groceries. Masha posed for me for a couple quick photos. I might have said this once or twice before but I love this style. Those sexy long legs wrapped in shiny pantyhose, paired with shorts and heels is a killer combo which makes my eyes pop out my head and makes me go WOW every time! If you are wondering what brand she is wearing, I’m can’t remeber 100% but I’m fairly sure those are Wolford Satin Touch 20s in gobi.






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  1. 15Denier | 30th Apr 14

    I posted a comment here, earlier on..and its gone! The comment was not defamatory, abusive or deragatory. Hmmm! 🙁

    • | 1st May 14

      We really don't know. We didn't remove it or it would leave a mark. Are you sure that you didn't remove it by accident?
      But we saw the comment from our email and nice to hear that you like it! 🙂

  2. Anonymous | 1st May 14

    yeah very sexy look, a real headturner on the street. or walk into a lamp-post…

  3. Thomas MagNylon | 2nd May 14

    I reckon these are a bit too thin for satin touch 20ies. But it doesn't matter, you are completely right about the awesomeness of the look. Please tell me, that she's driving, I have serious concerns about your attention to the traffic with such killer legs in the passenger seat… I know what I'm talking about;)

    • | 2nd May 14

      Haha, you are right, not the easiest task to concentrate when you have such a smoking hot girl next to you especially when driving.

  4. Anonymous | 11th Jul 14

    Wow, beautiful – short shorts, tan pantyhose and such beautiful legs. BTW, she really has nice smile and nice long legs.

  5. Stefan Lmn | 12th Aug 14

    beautiful shots again her gorgeous shaped tights in those heavenly pantyhose..that AWESOME pelvis…you are right…thats a KILLERLOOK

  6. rclosure | 16th Feb 15

    Those are very lovely. Accentuate your legs perfectl . Thank you.

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