Summery feeling

Here is something warm and summerish from last July. I remember it being a really hot day and we went out to do groceries with bicycles. We took a sheer pair of pantyhose with us if we had a chance to do a set and yes of course we did. I believe they were Pretty Polly Nylons 10den gloss tights. Really nice sheen on them and red toe nails peeking out the sandals looks always sexy, am I right?

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  1. Maximus Ridiculous | 10th May 14

    Magnifique, there is nothing finer than painted toes in sheer hose.:) x

  2. Anonymous | 11th Jul 14

    The pictures are really awesome, the model is beautiful and the outfit is just dreamy.. If u ask me – perfect spring/summer clothing. Thank you very much for that set.

  3. Anonymous | 7th Sep 14

    You are so sexy ;love your public photos

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